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No One Knows Why Biden Started Whispering Some Weird Things During His Speech Today

Joe Biden is losing a lot of things, including the energy it takes to be president. During Monday’s speech on COVID-19, he showed the world that he cannot even control the volume of his voice.

As the president continued through his rambling monologue, his voice kept going lower and lower. At one point he is virtually whispering into the microphone.  Listen:

“We still are in a war with this deadly virus and we’re bolstering our defenses, but this war is far from won,” he said.

“Together we have so much to be proud of in the past three weeks — past more than three weeks, past ten weeks,” he continued, his voice growing weaker.

“But we also have so much to be sorrowful about,” he said quietly. “Nearly 1,000 Americans a day are still dying from COVID-19, as we approach 550,000 deaths in a single year.”

“Until this country is vaccinated, each of us has to do our part,” Biden said with a hush. “We have an obligation… a patriotic obligation.”

“Wash your hands. Stay socially distanced. Wear a mask as recommended by the CDC. And get vaccinated,” he stiffly read off the teleprompter.

“Get your friends and family vaccinated when you can help. Now is not the time to let down. Now is not the time to celebrate,” he grimly added. “It is time to do what we do best as a country: Our duty, our jobs. Take care of one another and fight this to the finish. We can and will do this, but don’t let up now. Don’t let up now.”

It appears that the Biden administration refuses to look at the trend that shows that COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are strongly trending downwards. The CDC director is even spinning that the American people face “impending doom.”

The coronavirus pandemic is fading. But President Biden appears to be fading faster.


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