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Watch KJP’s Reaction When Confronted on Biden’s Shady Relationship with China

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was dumbfounded by a question posed by Fox News’ Peter Doocy at a press briefing on Thursday. Watch:

    “Based on everything that’s happening in Asia right now, does President Biden consider China to be an opponent or a competitor?” Doocy asked.

    “Look — and Kirby said this and we’ve been saying this for the past couple of days — right? — more than a week. And I’m going to answer it this way because this goes to why this has come up, which is the Speaker going to Taiwan,” KJP replied. “You know, she has the right to go to Taiwan. She has the right to travel wherever she wants. She is the Speaker of the House. She is a member of Congress. We can — we will not ever tell her where to go.”

    “And we’ve been really clear with — with China. We’ve — we have said, no policy changes at all. The One China policy stands,” she went on.

    “And — and the President, just a week ago today, spoke to President Xi. It was the fifth time that they spoke. They have — continue to have an open — an open dialogue. And so that is — I just want to make that really clear. And just, you know, they’re — they’re the ones escalating here,” she continued.

    “Just — the relationship moving forward, though, would he consider China a competitor or an opponent of the United States?” Doocy pressed.

    “I mean, look, when we — when you think about — when you think about our economy, when you think about how we’re competing around the world, around the globe, you think about the CHIPS Act — right? — in the CHIPS and Science Act — one of the reasons we talked about making sure that that got done in a bipartisan way — we saw that happen just a couple of days ago — is we want to be able to compete, right? We want to be able to compete with China,” she added.

    “And we want to be able to have those manufacturing jobs investment in — in the United States, and also strengthen our supply chain, make sure we strengthen our national security,” KJP went on. “So, you know, as it — it relates to that, in that — in that — in that realm, you know, yeah, we want to be competitive as a country.”

    The White House press secretary at one point in the briefing even looked completely baffled on how to respond to reporters.

    It is absolutely gobsmacking that the Biden presidency cannot directly call China a ‘competitor’ or ‘adversary’ after it lied about Covid-19 and continues to run influence operations in the United States, including the president’s own son Hunter Biden.

    The Biden administration has consistently taken a soft stance against China. The Democrat-run Congress also consistently yields to Beijing’s wishes.

    Rep. Lauren Boebert drew attention to one bill that will serve as a useful indicator of how successfully China has penetrated and compromised the U.S. Congress.

    As the Biden administration continues to appease China, especially by harming the nation’s ability to defend itself and provide for its own energy needs, the American people have more than enough reason to worry. Indeed, the time for worrying was before the 2020 election.

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