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NYPD Officer Rips Flag Away from Army Vet at Anti-Vax Mandate Protest, Stomps On It

New York Police Department officers have shown time and time again that their loyalty is to the socialist mayors and to their paychecks and not to the Constitution of the United States.

One particularly glaring example is a man, reported by an independent photojournalist to be an unidentified U.S. Army veteran, entering a Panera only to be accosted by police officers for not complying with unconstitutional and unnecessary “vaccine passports.”

“A vaccination mandate and passport protester was arrested inside a Brooklyn Panera Bread restaurant after being refused service for not showing his vaccination status,” Shore News reported. “The man said he was not protesting, but was ordering food and even though he paid, did not receive his food. The man said he ordered the food and paid for it, but was refused service by the restaurant. Panera Bread did not release a statement regarding the incident which was shared to Twitter by Leeroy Press.”

“The man was arrested and booked into the 175th precinct but was released later in the afternoon,” the story added. “The customer, an Army veteran has now been arrested three times for violating the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for restaurants.”

One of the most jarring visuals from the confrontation is the American flag being torn away from the man, who was yelling “the flag does not touch the ground!” But not only did the flag touch the ground, it was stomped on. If that isn’t a fitting metaphor for what the NYPD is doing to America, nothing is.


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