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Ottawa Court Reverses Order from Pro-Trudeau Judge: ‘Freedom Convoy’ Organizer Gets Legal Victory

    Freedom Convoy fundraiser and organizer Tamara Lich received some good news in her legal battle against the Canadian government.

    “A judge orders Freedom Convoy fundraiser and organizer Tamara Lich should be released on bail, overturning previous judge’s decision to keep her in custody,” Andrew Lawton reported.

    “Tamara Lich has been released on bail with a list of strict conditions, including an order that she leave Ottawa within 24 hours and return home under the watchful supervision of a surety,” the Ottawa Citizen reported.

    The court’s judgment on bail was expected on Monday. Watch:

    “Lich was arrested Feb. 17 and has remained in custody after being denied bail. Lich was the woman behind a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the convoy, which was shut down after raising more than $10 million,” CTV earlier reported. “The Medicine Hat, Alta. native is charged with counselling to commit mischief.”

    “Last week, a lengthy bail review hearing was held to determine whether the previous judge made a legal error or whether Lich’s material circumstances had changed,” the CTV report added.

    “Court heard Lich had a new surety, a relative who cannot be identified under a publication ban,” the report noted. “An argument was also put forward in regard to the previous judge who denied Lich bail. Lich argued that had she known of Justice Julie Bourgeois’s unsuccessful run as a federal Liberal Party candidate in 2011, she would have asked Bourgeois recuse herself because the ‘Freedom Convoy’ was a protest against the current Liberal government.”

    On Monday, it appears that Lich was granted bail, a sign that she may be able to receive a fair trial after being charged with “counselling to commit mischief” during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergency Act.


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