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Pentagon Boasts ‘Air Force’ is Evacuating Civilians, Then People are Shocked When They Take Closer Look

The Department of Defense is not exactly inspiring confidence with its decision-making lately. That assessment is not just about the botched military withdrawal in Afghanistan, but its reporting on what is going on in the war-torn country, as well.

The Pentagon attempted to boast of the “Air Force’s” evacuation from the war-zone, but it turns out that it completely misrepresented the effort, once again.

“Afghan civilians board @usairforce C-17 Globemasters at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan,” the DOD account tweeted.

But soon after the photos were sent out with the aim or reassuring Americans that the evacuation efforts were proceeding smoothly, people noticed that this wasn’t even our plane.

“That’s not a @usairforce C-17, @DeptofDefense,” Calfornia Congressional candidate and decorated U.S. Air Force pilot Buzz Patterson noted. “Wrong country. Glad to know you guys are in command of the situation.”

“You’re so desperate for PR that you posted a picture of a plane that isn’t ours,” Caleb Hull noted.

“Sorry, but the C17 has United Arab Emirates flag and it’s Air Force logo,” another pointed out.

“In true liberal fashion, trying to lay claim to someone else’s work,” Tyler Urban said. “That plane belongs to the United Arab Emirates. Pretty easy to spot, I mean it doesn’t have a US flag, and it clearly states it’s the UAE Air Force.”

One user simply zoomed in to show the embarrasing mistake.

This is simply embarrassing. But it isn’t the only time recently that the Biden administration has caused a kerfuffle over its questionable use of photos.

The White House posted a photo of Joe Biden purportedly at Camp David in mid-August, where he was vacationing when the news hit that Afghanistan was falling into the hands of the Taliban.

“This morning, the President and Vice President met with their national security team and senior officials to hear updates on the draw down of our civilian personnel in Afghanistan, evacuations of SIV applicants and other Afghan allies, and the ongoing security situation in Kabul,” the account said.

One of the first things people noticed was the utter lack of Operational Security: It showed on the television that there were camera feeds from both the CIA and Doha Station.

“Heck of a job, White House communications shop. I figure you would want to crop out the teleconference screens labeled ‘CIA’ and ‘Doha Station’,” NRO’s Jim Geraghty tweeted. “You panicking amateur idiots.”

The image also looked somewhat similar to other recent photos of Biden at Camp David.

This is a White House photo of President Biden speaking with Vice President Kamala Harris and members of his national security team from Camp David in Maryland, on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021.

Then it gets odd. The new White House photo issued on Sunday shows the clocks with twenty-six minutes advanced. It is depicted as being from Sunday morning at 11:29 EST. Joe Biden is in a different outfit.

There is an issue with the clocks showing London and Moscow are three hours apart. Those two cities are two hours apart, so either the photo is wrong or the clocks at Camp David are wrong.

It should be noted that while Tehran is shown as a half-hour difference from Moscow, it is actually an hour and a half difference. For whatever reason, that’s also wrong.

The time difference raised some major questions. One of the first to notice it was Scuba Mike on Twitter.

“The current time difference is 2 hours so this picture could not have been taken today,” Scuba Mike weighed in. “The whole TV is fake and this was not today.” (It should be noted that this claim has not been confirmed.)

“Note the time in London and Moscow on the clocks. Clocks show 3 hour time difference. However, there is currently only a 2 hour difference. Before March, London and Moscow have a 3 hour time difference because of daylight savings. Is this a stock photo?” a user named Real Developments asked.

“Whoa. He’s right,” Justin Hart responded. “Currently, London and Moscow are only 2 hours apart but this shows them as 3!? Is this an old photo?!”

When Politifact attempted to “fact check” the Camp David clocks problem, it reached out to the White House for an explanation. It did not receive any word back.

There is more evidence to suggest that something is amiss with the Biden photos presented as being taken this weekend. Namely, the president’s hair.

If you go back to Biden’s first foreign policy speech on February 4th, which would be before the time zone change, you can see that he has more hair covering his bald spot than he does now.

If you fast forward even to March, at his first press briefing, you can see the rapid progression of the president’s balding.

Now, take another look at the photos said to be from this weekend at Camp David. This one is said to be from that Saturday in mid-August. See anything different?

Take a look at the other photo released from that Sunday.

Now, take a look at Biden’s hair after this weekend as he left his speech on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Do you see the issue here?

Maybe there’s a perfectly good explanation for why the Camp David clocks are set to the way they would be in February. And maybe there’s a reason why Biden’s hair disappears, grows back, and disappears again.

There is one thing that is indisputable: The Biden administration is pulling some funny business with its photos being sent to the American people. Why the Biden administration can’t get it right is anybody’s guess, but incompetence and laziness are at the top of the list.


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