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Pfizer-Connected Doc Admits on Live TV He ‘Accidentally’ Injected Babies with Covid Vaccine at Full Adult Dosage

A Turkish doctor who once was a member of the Scientific Committee at Pfizer’s Scientific Research Competition admitted on live TV that he ‘accidentally’ injected multiple babies with Covid-19 vaccine at full adult dosage levels and will publish the results of his study on what happens to the infants.

Professor Zafer Kurugöl was on live television when he admitted the heinous unauthorized experiment, certainly done without express parental permission, and was called out by a fellow professor over the ethics breach.

The professor’s interview, conducted in Turkish, can be viewed below:

“Small babies were accidentally vaccinated against covid instead of Hepatitis B and measles,” the professor said, according to the translation. “No side effects and negative results were encountered. Babies did not have any problems even at high doses. We will announce the results of the research.”

The professor’s latest interview, conducted in Turkish, can be viewed below:

The parents could obviously sue the doctor for the unauthorized experiment, if there were any government-authorized legal recourse. In the United States, for example, there is virtually none.

CNBC provided confirmation of what many Americans have come to realize: It was a sham. Read the report:

If you experience severe side effects after getting a Covid vaccine, lawyers tell CNBC there is basically no one to blame in a U.S. court of law.

The federal government has granted companies like Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.

“It is very rare for a blanket immunity law to be passed,” said Rogge Dunn, a Dallas labor and employment attorney. “Pharmaceutical companies typically aren’t offered much liability protection under the law.“

You also can’t sue the Food and Drug Administration for authorizing a vaccine for emergency use, nor can you hold your employer accountable if they mandate inoculation as a condition of employment.

Congress created a fund specifically to help cover lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses for people who have been irreparably harmed by a “covered countermeasure,” such as a vaccine. But it is difficult to use and rarely pays. Attorneys say it has compensated less than 6% of the claims filed in the last decade.

You got that? Doctors can inject babies with Covid and other experimental vaccines without permission of parents and without any recourse for the consequences. That’s the brave new world that “progressives” want.


Confirmed: You Can’t Sue Pfizer or Moderna for Severe Covid Vaccine Side Effects

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