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Police Dismiss Waukesha Suspect’s Radical BLM Views – Downplay Racial Motive with Excuse for Parade Massacre

    In Waukesha, Wisconsin on an otherwise pleasant Sunday afternoon just 23 miles away from riot-torn Kenosha, a small town parade filled with smiling children marching through the streetsto mark the holiday season.

    Then horror struck. A red SUV drove through the crowd, killing 5 people and injuring at least 40 others, including numerous small children. The graphic videos of the terrifying event spread across social media.

    Shocked parents were forced to pick up the bloodied and mangled bodies of innocent little ones who had been enjoying the parade outdoors.

    At least 12 adults and 11 children were sent to six local hospitals by emergency response personnel, the Waukesha police chief said on Sunday.

    The police chief, fire chief, and mayor gave a press conference on the event, but appeared reticent to give any identifying information on the suspects or persons of interest. It soon became apparent that there may be certain facts about the prime suspect driving the red SUV the authorities did not feel prepared to disclose to the public.

    One ostensible reason: There were reports that the suspects and persons of interest in the attack were black males. The Waukesha police scanner reported on Facebook that law enforcement was seeking “a male black, 20s, long dreads, black mask, driving a white Ford.”

    A news report aired a witness who said it was a “black guy with dreadlocks.” The witness was named as Rick McCoy, a customer of Nice Ash Cigar Bar. It turns out the eyewitness’s account was accurate.

    The suspect identified for the terrifying act was Darrell Edward Brooks, Jr. He is a felon with a sex offender record and a lengthy criminal background, including counts for felony domestic abuse, sex offenses, resisting an officer, and possession of cocaine.

    As noted by film director Mike Cernovich, Brooks had been released from jail earlier in the week on $1,000 bond. The District Attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a Soros-affiliated D.A. named John Chisholm.

    The authorities, however, are now claiming that Brooks was merely fleeing the scene from another crime, and that there are no signs of a ‘radicalized’ background.

    “Officials said … that preliminary investigation showed the driver was not aiming at the marching band or any other parade participant but was speeding through the route to flee an earlier crime, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News.”

    “Authorities spent the overnight hours scouring social media and other digital platforms associated with the person of interest who is now in custody. They have, at least so far, no reason to believe there is any connection to radicalization…” ABC reported

    However, ‘scouring’ the social media accounts of Darrell Edward Brooks shows that he was a radicalized BLM activist, self-proclaimed sex trafficker, and black supremacist.

    Here is Edwards in his own words, as relayed via a social media account called The Cocaína (follow @MrNukeEm here).

    Here he is smoking a joint and telling Milwaukee to “stand up.”

    Here he is complaining about Obama talking ‘cracker bullsh*t’ in a presidential address and suggesting that the world is being pushed to WWIII.

    Brooks also appeared to be a rapper who featured gun use in a video (an “AR with extension”).

    The social media posts of Brooks makes it clear that he indeed was “radicalized”:

    The suspect appears to have numerous criminal offenses and drives a red SUV.

    This may not seem like a “radicalized” background to police authorities, but between the Illuminati symbols, anti-semitic Hitler-praising rants, and fantasies about enslaving white people, there is ample reason here to scrutinize the suspect’s motivation, even if ‘fleeing another crime.’

    Most would say that a radical BLM supporter with a black supremacist worldview is relevant background, particularly given the suspect drove through a parade of white children.


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