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President Biden is Finally Confronted About Not Going to Visit East Palestine Ohio Disaster

President Joe Biden had an awkward response to a reporter who asked him about his plans to visit East Palestine, Ohio in the aftermath of a train derailment and ecological disaster.

“Are you planning to travel to East Palestine Ohio?” the reporter asked.

“This time, I’m not. I was — I did a whole video — I mean — you know, the — what the hell — on,” Biden blurted out.

“Zoom?” the reporter asked.

“Zoom! Zoom. All I can hear every time I think of Zoom is that song of my generation, Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” Biden joked.

Joe Biden obviously thinks it’s a laughing matter that while he was cavorting with Ukrainian funnyman-turned-president Volodymyr Zelensky, a community in Ohio was devastated by a train derailment and toxic chemical spill.

Rogan O’Handley, a Trump associate, nailed the crux of the problem for Team Biden when he pointed out the county’s voting demographics.

“Just in case you were wondering why Biden and Buttigieg are ignoring the toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio Columbiana County voted 71.7% for Trump in 2020,” O’Handley noted.

Donald Trump beat out both Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg when he made it to East Palestine to provide the community with comfort, thousands of bottles of clean water, and thousands of gallons in cleaning supplies.

Buttigieg finally found time from his “me-ternity” leaves and personal time to make it to East Palestine three weeks after the Februrary 3rd train derailment.

Buttigieg dodged all difficult questions and received a peremptory tour of the scene before high-tailing it back to Washington D.C.

John Rourke, Blue Line Moving company CEO, appeared with Tucker Carlson and provided his assessment of the Trump visit and Biden’s avoidance of visiting the community.

“The fact that President Biden has refused to come to this small town when he’s supposed to be Scranton Joe, a small town hero of the working man, and he can’t even show his face in a town of American citizens that need his leadership, that need the government’s help terribly,” Rourke said.

“And he proved what everybody I think already knew in this country is that he’s not the leader for this country,” he added. “And that Donald J. Trump is the leader that we all know he is, and he is the leader of this country. And he proved that today. That was leadership that I saw today. I saw people standing on the streets screaming for this man chanting ‘USA, USA.’ I mean, it just gives me goosebumps.”

“And, and to have President Trump personally thank me, I mean, it almost brought me to tears, man,” Rourke added. “To be honest. you know, I’m just a humble guy. I’m a working man family man. And to be able to, you know, have someone like him thank me personally was a big deal for me in my family.”


Just Moments After Trump Declares Trip to East Palestine, FEMA Announces Reversal on Ohio Disaster Aid

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