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President Biden Trying to Explain How the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will Lower Inflation is a Sight to Behold

    The U.S. Senate this weekend passed a $750 billion fly-by-night boondoggle the Democratic Party cynically dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.” It was passed with Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote through budget reconciliation, breaking the tie as President of the Senate.

    President Joe Biden was asked on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews en route to Kentucky to view the catastrophic flooding in the state about the spending bill that he is signing into law.

    “To what extent do you expect the Inflation Bill to help Democrats during the midterms once it passes, Mr. President?” a reporter asked.

    “Do I expect it to help?” Biden replied. “Yes, I do. It’s going to immediately help. For example, no senior will have — on Medicare will have a bill more than $2,000 for drugs, no matter what the costs are. That’s a big deal. It changes people’s lives. A whole range of things that are really game changer for ordinary folks. Now, some of that is not going to not kick in for a little bit, but it’s all good. It’s really going to — will lower the daily — when you sit down at the kitchen table at the end of the month, you’ll be able to pay a whole hell of a lot more bills because you paying less [indecipherable].”

    It is not ‘lowering inflation’ to subsidize people’s increased costs with taxpayer money. This is wealth redistribution and it only fuels more inflation (as anyone who has paid college tuition in the last two decades can attest).

    The Inflation Reduction Act is similar to a repackaged ‘Green New Deal’ — except without the truth in advertising.

    The IRA includes in the bill: $369 billion in energy and climate efforts,’ over $300 billion in ‘green loan guarantees,’ $80 billion to increase the number of IRS agents by 87,000 to conduct audits, and $60 billion for ‘environmental justice’ initiatives.

    This is not an ‘Inflation Reduction Act,’ this is a green slush fund for Democratic Party donors. The only thing ‘green’ about it is Americans’ hard-earned dollars that are being used in yet another Democrat money laundering scheme.

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