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President Trump Reveals Letter from US Attorney About Barr ‘Directive’ Not to Pursue Election Fraud Cases

    A former U.S. Attorney is blowing the whistle on a purported directive he received from then Attorney General of the United States William Barr not to pursue or raise public awareness about election fraud cases.

    President Donald J. Trump released the letter from William McSwain to the public on Monday night. It can be read in full below.

    “It was my great honor to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in your Administration,” McSwain said. “You asked me to prioritize public safety, and that is exactly what I did.”

    “While Larry Krasner, the radical leftist Philadelphia District Attorney, was letting violent criminals go and refusing to prosecute rioters, looters, and arsonists, our Office was putting them in jail and standing up for law-abiding citizens. In the spring of 2020, I prosecuted and won an election fraud case against a Judge of Elections in South Philadelphia who was stuffing the ballot box. I also charged the political consultant (a former Democratic Congressman) who was paying bribes to the Judge to stuff the ballot box.”

    “President Trump, you were right to be upset about the way the Democrats ran the 2020 election in Pennsylvania – it was a partisan disgrace,” he added. “The Governor, the Secretary of theCommonwealth, and the partisan State Supreme Court made up their own rules and did not follow the law.”

    “Even worse, the State Attorney General, Josh Shapiro – the very person responsible for the enforcement of state election law – declared days before Election Day that you could not win the election,” he continued. “It would be hard to imagine a more irresponsible statement by a law enforcement officer, especially during a hotly contested election.”

    “In light of such statements, it is hardly surprising that many Pennsylvanians lack faith in our state’s election results,” he added.

    “On Election Day and afterwards, our Office received various allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities,” he continued. “As part of my responsibilities as U.S. Attorney, I wanted to be transparent with the public and, of course, investigate fully any allegations.”

    “Attorney General Barr, however, instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities,” he continued. “I was also given a directive to pass along serious allegations to the State Attorney General for investigation – the same State Attorney General who had already declared that you could not win.”

    “I disagreed with that decision, but those were my orders,” he said. “As a Marine infantry officer, I was trained to follow the chain of command and to respect the orders of my superiors,even when I disagree with them. Mr. President, public service is in my blood, and I would like to serve the people of Pennsylvania and restore conservative leadership to our state.”

    “I will be the Republican candidate for Governor with the best chance to win the general election in November 2022,” he continued. “Based on my background and experience, I am uniquely positioned to defeat Mr. Shapiro (the likely Democratic candidate) and would welcome the chance to discuss this with you in person. I would be honored to have your support.”

    “Once elected Governor, one of my first priorities would be to modernize Pennsylvania’s election process and protect the right of all Pennsylvania citizens to cast a legitimate vote,” McSwain added. “That means no ballot harvesting, undated ballots, unsigned ballots, ballots collected after Election Day (other than legitimate military and overseas absentee ballots), obstacles to poll watchers observing the counting of ballots, different rules in different counties, and, of course, no ballot stuffing of the kind that I previously prosecuted. It also means responsible voter ID legislation.”

    “Ensuring people’s confidence in elections should be a nonpartisan issue,” he closed. “In short, we have a responsibility to make it easy to vote, but hard –if not impossible – to cheat. That is how we respect the will of the people – and how the best and most deserving candidates win. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to see you soon.”

    The letter can also be viewed on SCRIBD.

    Letter to President Trump by Jim Hoft

    This account contrasts greatly with what former Attorney General Barr told “The Atlantic” in an interview in late June.

    “Barr’s betrayal came on December 1, over lunch in the attorney general’s private dining room with Michael Balsamo, a Justice Department beat reporter at the Associated Press,” the Atlantic story said. “Also in attendance were the DOJ chief of staff, Will Levi, and spokesperson Kerri Kupec. Balsamo was not told the reason for the invitation. When Barr dropped his bombshell between bites of salad, he mumbled, and Balsamo wasn’t sure that he had caught what the attorney general had said.”

    “Just to be crystal clear,” Balsamo asked, “are you saying—”

    “Sir, I think you better repeat what you just said,” Kupec interjected.

    “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” Barr said.

    Barr added: “If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullsh*t.”

    It certainly appears that U.S. Attorney McSwain attempted to bring forth potential evidence of voter fraud, but was redirected to partisans who effectively covered it up.

    Donald Trump responded to Barr after the publication of “The Atlantic” story.

    “Bill Barr was a disappointment in every sense of the word,” Trump said. “Besides which, Barr, who was Attorney General (lawyer) shouldn’t be speaking about the President.”

    Then the former president laid into his attorney general, who provably got nothing substantial done during his administration.

    “Instead of doing his job, he did the opposite and told people within the Justice Department not to investigate the election,” Trump said. “Just like he did with the Mueller report and … RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, they don’t want to investigate the real facts. Bill Barr’s weakness helped facilitate the cover up of the Crime of the Century, the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election!”

    “Now it was revealed that Barr was being pushed to tell lies about the election by Mitch McConnell, another beauty, who was worried about damaging the Republicans chances in the Georgia runoff,” he continued. “What really damaged the Senate Republicans was allowing their races to be rigged and stolen, and worse, the American people to no longer believe their vote matters because spineless RINOs like Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell did nothing.”

    In February, former Trump adviser Peter Navarro appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show and gave the inside story about William Barr: He disappeared when Trump needed him most, and even worked at cross-purposes with the president ahead of the incoming Biden administration.

    “Trump’s last Attorney General actually also turns out to be Joe Biden’s first Attorney General,” Navarro railed. “Because here is what was happening. We had over 30 executive orders queued after election day, ready to go. But we kept running into all of these roadblocks and roadblocks and hurdles. It turns out that Bill Barr’s office of legal counsel was fast-tracking all of these Biden EOs.”

    It wasn’t former Attorney General William Barr’s actions that were the most problematic, however. It was his lack of action against illegal and potentially fraudulent activity that should raise the most concern for Americans.


    Trump Blasts Former AG Barr After He Finally Admits His 2020 Election ‘Betrayal’

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