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As Biden Turned Away at First Prime Time Address, There Was A Desperate Effort to Get Him to Answer One Question

    As President Joe Biden wrapped up his first prime time address, something happened that answers a lot of question.

    Then again, Biden couldn’t answer just one himself. Watch:

    “And there’s nothing — nothing — from the bottom of my heart I believe there’s nothing we can’t do when we do it together. God bless you all, and please, God, give solace to all those people who lost someone. And may God protect our troops. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I look forward to seeing you.”

    “President Biden, do you consider this a new phase of the pandemic?” one reporter shouted. There would be no response.

    “Joe Biden in his first live address to the country of his presidency,” Tucker Carlson said.

    This seemingly puts to rest whether or not the address was live or taped.

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson, for his part, had the very best reaction to the entire Biden address.

    Tucker’s reaction speaks for America.


    BREAKING: Biden Announces U.S. Will Now Be on ‘War Footing’ at First Prime Time Address

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