Another day, another ‘insurrection’ for the radical left.

This time, it was Grand Central Station in the heart of New York City that was laid siege by Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, who chanted slogans like “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will Be Free,” (meaning, “free” from the existence of Israel).

The chant is reflective of the origin statement of Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs the Gaza Strip, and which undertook the bloody, savage attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.

Hundreds to thousands of pro-Palestine protesters and other activists took over the heartbeat of New York City’s transportation to the region during rush hour.

Protesters also chanted during the sit-in: ‘No more weapons, no more war. Ceasefire is what we’re fighting for.’

Some protesters with signs climbed up the walls of GCT. All doors were locked, and marchers and the NYPD were reported to have skirmishes. The police are now trying to get back in charge of the situation, according to those on the scene.

Protesters were told to put their hands behind their backs after being told three times to leave. The police then tied them up with zip ties and took them to buses that were waiting.

GCT is still closed as of latest updates.

They could be charged with criminal trespass. Police also arrested protesters who were gathering on the rooftop level, which had a view of the 200,000-square-foot train hall.

Jewish Voice for Peace, a radical group that the Anti Defamation League has called “anti-Israel, “put together the protest, which happened at the same time that Israel stepped up its military actions in Gaza.

JVP is the same group that staged what critics derisively referred to as an “insurrection” at the Capitol on October 18. The Cannon building, one of the buildings in the Capitol complex, was taken over, leading to a disruption of official proceedings.

The Grand Central Station protest is one of the biggest and most disruptive incidents in recent New York City history.

“We’re here engaging in civil disobedience to make it clear that we want the bombs to stop falling,” one of the protesters said.

The protest made it hard for thousands of people to get to their homes on time Friday night. Some commuters stopped, while others looked confused as they walked by. Trains did not run late because of the protest.

The cops tried to block the exits to Grand Central but failed. They then did nothing while protesters took over the main hall. At 7 p.m., when there were still hundreds of protesters in the station, the cops started arresting people. Soon after, the M.T.A. said that no one would be able to enter the airport and marked two entrances as exit-only.

On Thursday, Mayor Eric Adams said that 233 people had been arrested at the city’s more than 100 protests and gatherings.

As a safety measure, the Jewish community in New York is also being told to stay away from a gathering that is set to happen in Brooklyn on Saturday.

A security source said that Jews should definitely stay away from the area.


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