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One of America’s Most ‘Trusted’ News Companies is Now Promoting AOC ‘Merch’

Reuters is one of the oldest and most widely read news wires in the world. It has been known historically for its reliable, non-partisan reportage. But as American readers might have noted, the news service has recently taken a hard left turn.

The confirmation that there is indeed something amiss at Reuters has come in the form of the news wire itself effectively advertising merchandise for the socialist Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“AOC is now selling merchandise,” Reuters announced.

Reuters continued to effectively advertise on behalf of the left-wing Congresswoman’s merchandise.

The “news” service not only plugged AOC’s merch, it extolled the made-up virtues of the Congresswoman.

“Her campaign has raised about $6.9 million since the November election, compared to $10.8 million by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and $23.9 million by Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer,” Reuters continued, before linking its article.

“U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became one of America’s most prominent progressive Democrats with her calls to tax the wealthy and spend heavily to fight climate change,” the article says.

“Now she is investing heavily in her online store, selling T-shirts, sweatshirts and other merchandise with her name, ‘AOC’ initials or slogans including ‘Tax the Rich’ and ‘Fight for our Future,’ efforts aimed at both fundraising and building the second-term lawmaker’s profile nationally,” the story added.

Readers of the website didn’t fail to note the “news” company’s lionization of the Democratic Congresswoman.

“Wow! Nice LOVE piece to distract from her full support of communism,” Twitter user Mike commented.

“Is… is this an ad on her behalf? Because it feels like an ad,” another remarked.

“No intelligent substance but for someone who blasts capitalism she sure is using it to her wealth building advantage,” Darlene Beukelman noted.

Of course, one cannot help but notice that a news media outlet like Reuters fails to vigrously criticize one of the hardest left members of Congress. It’s will be worth noting this conflict of interests when reading Reuters “reports” in the future.


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