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Psaki Struggles to Answer for Biden’s Clueless Statement ‘Nobody Saw’ Omicron Coming

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is continually being put in a jam due to her boss’s clueless statements on Covid-19. On Wednesday, it was no different, as Psaki was called to do a ‘clean up on aisle 9’ when Biden said “nobody saw” the Omicron variant coming.

    “Why is the president saying about this new variant, nobody saw it coming, nobody in the world if that’s not true?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked.

    “Well first, I would say that nobody saw — knew that there would be the number of different variants,” Psaki responded. “Nobody knew exactly how transmissible they would be. We, of course, knew that there would be additional variants at some point coming. We didn’t know what they would look like.”

    What Omicron “looks like” is the most benign possible Covid variant: It is highly transmissible, but so undangerous that there has only been one unconfirmed death due to the virus strain recorded in the United States so far.

    The Omicron variant may end up causing more Americans to acquire natural immunity due to prior infections than even the Delta variant. The CDC updated its figures to show that there were 146.6 million Americans with prior infections as of September. Based on its calculations, there are over 200 million Americans with natural immunity due to prior infections; that number, once considered sufficient to end a “pandemic,” will be shattered by the time the Omicron wave burns out.

    At the same time, the Biden administration is pressing ahead with its rights-violating agenda to force every American to take the vaccine regardless of risk or natural immunity. The tyrannical mandate not only makes no sense – the shots don’t prevent transmission in the slightest – they are increasingly obsolete due to the sheer number of Americans with natural immunity.


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