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Psaki Unveils a Real Whopper: “We Have the Highest Ethical Standards of Any Administration in History”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a factually suspect response to a reporter questioning the Biden administration about “safeguards” for “preferential treatment” in regards to hiring children and relatives for staff positions.

Psaki’s remark is a real eye-roller. Watch:

“Well, let me say first that we have the highest ethical standard of any administration in history,” Psaki boasted. “A number of ethics officials have conveyed that and we are proud of that. We have also staffed up at an unprecedented pace and this is the most diverse administration in American history. So, we certainly expect that everyone will abide by those high ethics standards. That applies in how we operate, it also applies how hiring is done.”

One might quibble with the claim that propping up a dysfunctional president with a round-the-clock team of ‘handlers’ lest he should ‘get in trouble’ is exactly ethical. President Biden calls on a pre-selected list of reporters during his scripted “press conference,” replete with notecards about how he should answer the questions.

There is also the problematic matter of how Biden was even elected in the first place, undeniably with the help of radical groups, private corporations, and labor unions ‘fortifying’ the election with arguably unconstitutional procedures such as working to flood the polls with mass absentee ballots in the absence of state legislature approval. As voters might recall, this election was called “the most secure in American history.”

Regardless, the Biden administration’s response calls back the Obama administration’s also risible claim that it was “scandal free,” despite the IRS targeting scandal, tapping the phones of the AP & other reporters, Fast & Furious, the Benghazi cover-up, and of course, Spygate.

The Biden White House’s fact-free claim that six months in it is already the most “ethical administration in history” demonstrates on its face how unethical it is. Only an unethical administration would lie so brazenly about its historical place in U.S. history, absent any justifiable basis for doing so.


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