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Rashida Tlaib Compares Israel’s Retaliation Against Hamas to ‘January 6th’ for Palestinians

    Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has made it abundantly clear that she stands with the Palestinians in their assault on Israel. While supporting terrorist attacks on the tiny Jewish state is hardly a surprise for the only Palestinian-American member of Congress, it is her comparison to the Capitol riots on January 6th that betrays how ridiculous the radical Democrats’ hyperbole has become.

    The “Squad” member recently appeared with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who gave her an open mic to spout her ludicrous rhetoric.

    “They are engaging me now finally after four months of me sending letters with colleagues, talking about home demolitions, talking about the attack on Palestinians living in Israel,” Tlaib said. “I mean their January 6th is happening right now daily in their lives and their own neighborhoods being attacked by mobs solely because they’re Palestinian.”

    It is unclear if Tlaib meant that unarmed protesters were walking into Palestine in single file lines, taking selfies, stealing podiums, putting their feet up on desks, and giving ridiculous speeches to imaginary audiences. If that was her intent, that doesn’t make the Israeli retaliation against Hamas seem quite so bad.

    “And you know, Joy, it is really hard because any of my colleagues that even have some sort of empathy towards Palestinians,” Tlaib continued, “they do it quietly with whispering because they continue to be intimidated and bullied by those that want to continue the status quo of apartheid in Israel. They want to continue to have that power and hold, and they literally brush over Palestinians as somehow inherently violent, that they don’t deserve human rights.”

    Israel wanting to keep suicide bombers from blowing up cafes with children in them is now literally “apartheid,” according to terrorist apologists like Tlaib.

    “And that’s what’s missing in the statements coming from President Biden,” Tlaib continued. “You don’t hear the words ‘Palestinians deserve human rights,’ that Palestinians deserve to exist, that Palestinians deserve to live freely, that children need to be safe and secure.”

    “You only hear it when they talk about Israeli citizens that are of a certain faith,” she added. “That’s what’s telling about what’s happening.”

    Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and AOC are perplexed because Biden has demonstrated a modicum of support for Israel. This is apparently a major bone of contention for radical leftists who believe the world would be a better place if Israel ceased to exist, which happens to be the exact same position of Hamas.

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