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Ray Epps Busted with New Surveillance Video Showing He Lied to Congress About Jan 6

In newly obtained surveillance footage of January 6, Tucker Carlson has shed even more light on the suspect activities of one mysterious figure at the heart of the Capitol Riots: Ray Epps.

On Monday’s show, Tucker Carlson provided footage and argued that the video “above all” proves that the Democrats are liars when it comes to January 6.

“If there’s one takeaway from the corpus of footage that we spent three weeks looking at, it’s that the January 6th committee lied,” Tucker said. “Its members are liars, and as the result of those lies, core civil liberties in this country were eroded, people went to prison. They’re in prison as of right now, unjustly. So those lies had consequences.”

“So you have to ask yourself, whatever happened to the members of the January 6th committee, these liars who hurt people and the country?” he continued. “Well, let’s see, Adam Schiff is running for Senate. Adam Kinzinger got a job at CNN. Liz Cheney somehow wound up a professor at the University of Virginia, the august University of Virginia. They’re all still there. Benny Thompson. Ooh, listen to his wisdom. But they’re liars, and above all, this video proves it. Here’s another installment.”

“One of the enduring mysteries of January 6th is the role that intelligence and law enforcement agencies played in the events of that day,” Tucker said. “We know there was some number of undercover federal agents in the crowd at the Capitol. Officials have since admitted that under oath. But what exactly were they doing there? The January 6th committee worked hard to hide the answer to that question.”

“We do know from contemporaneous video tape that a mysterious figure called Ray Epps encouraged the crowd to go into the capitol,” he added. “For some reason, Epps has never been indicted for that. But there’s no question he did it. Under public pressure, the January 6th committee finally interviewed Ray Epps. Epps told the committee that he never entered the capitol and therefore never committed a crime. His text messages showed that at 2:12 PM he boasted to his nephew that he had quote ‘orchestrated’ the protests at the capitol.”

“He admitted he helped get people there,” Tucker continued. “Yet curiously, congressional Democrats consider Ray Epps an ally, not an insurrectionist. Tonight, we can tell you that at the very least, Ray Epps lied in his sworn testimony to the January 6th committee. Epps testified that when he sent the text messages to his nephew, he had already left the Capitol grounds to return to his hotel room. That is not true.”

“The surveillance footage we found shows that in fact, Ray Eppss remained at the Capitol for at least another half an hour,” he went on. “You’re seeing that on your screen now. What was Epps doing there? We can’t say, but we do know that he lied to investigators. The January 6th committee likely knew this too. Democrats had access to the same tape, yet they defended Ray Epps.”

“No honest investigation would do that, but the point of the January 6th committee was never to investigate anything.,” Tucker said. :The point was to stage a made-for-TV show trial. From the opening moments, the tone of the hearings was almost comically overheated and polemical. There is not a tragedy in American history that Democrats didn’t liken to the protests of January 6th.”

‘Mystery man’ Ray Epps has been the subject of controversy since he was first captured on video at the nation’s capitol before and during the January 6 incident clearly inciting protesters to attack the Capitol building.

Inexplicably, Ray Epps’ name and photograph was #16 on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list, before it was quietly scrubbed. Epps was never charged, but he was brought before the partisan J6 committee , despite his suspect activities prior to the attack on the Capitol.

In FBI interview transcripts, Epps actually told the bureau that he expected a bomb would go off near the Capitol building.

“Yeah, I thought there might be a problem. That’s why I was there,” Epps told John Blischak, a FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force officer, in a March 3, 2021 meeting in Phoenix.

“I was afraid they were going to set off an explosion on one of the side streets,” Epps said, according to a recording of the interview obtained by The Epoch Times. “So we tried to stay in the middle, tried to get there early, tried to stay away from the sides. And if something like that happened, I had a first-aid kit. I could help out.”

Based on his activities, Epps appears to have misled the FBI about his intentions in D.C. and did not reveal his efforts to stoke the attendees to commit treasonous acts against the U.S. government.  Epps told agents he originally did not plan on attending a pro-Trump rally, but changed his mind after finding out his son, James Epps Jr., would be there.

“I thought something would happen in D.C. I thought there might be, what do they call them, EOD, something like that?” Epps, who is a Marine Corps veteran, appears to have been referring to an IED or Improvised Explosive Device.

It just so happened that a bomb threat was made against the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee on January 6, which tied up law enforcement resources — a common terrorism tactic. It was the bombs’ discovery that had actually caused Congress to be evacuated to begin with, and not the threat of the riot itself. Despite surveillance footage of the subject who apparently placed the IED, the suspect still remains at large.

Thus, two of the key figures on January 6 remain at-large and uncharged for the Capitol building siege, which has been characterized by Democrats as an ‘attempted coup’ or ‘insurrection.’

As Politico noted about Epps’ activities on January 6: “Epps was also seen in footage just before 1 p.m. on Jan. 6 at the front of a line of Trump supporters who were among the first to breach the Capitol barricades. He whispered something into the ear of Ryan Samsel, who has been charged as one of the first defendants to breach secured Capitol grounds. Moments later, Samsel and others charged through a barricade, injuring a Capitol Police officer on the other side.”

But the New York Times, no better than a house organ for Democrats and the deep state at this point, also seems to have misled readers in an attempt to give Epps cover. On June 30th, 2021 the New York Times published a piece entitled Inside the Capitol Riot: An Exclusive Video Investigation. Revolver notes the Times told an outright lie about Ray Epps:

Ray Epps, an Arizona man seen in widely-circulated videos telling Trump supporters on multiple occasions to go into the Capitol, also seemed to have acted on his own.

The claim that Epps “seemed to have acted on his own” is a lie betrayed by the videos themselves, which show him coordinating with others at the Capitol riots.

In a tip to the FBI on Jan. 8, 2021, Epps seems to have omitted the fact that he told people “to go into the Capitol” only days prior; but he did admit to crimes that others on January 6 were fully charged for.

“I am guilty of being there and probably trespassing,” he said at the time. “But I had a reason. I was trying to calm ’em down. I wanted to be there, but I’m trying to calm ’em down. Anything I can do to help. There’s no call for that kind of behavior. I will be your witness.”

The captured videos, unfortunately for Epps, are Americans’ witness that he seems to have misled the FBI. He was shouting encouragement to election protesters to commit treasonous acts against the U.S. government, such as “go into the building.” He was coordinating with the man who first carried out a violent act at the Capitol building grounds. Epps was at the center of it all when it comes to J6.

But not only did Epps not get charged, he was a guest witness for the House Democrats’ partisan Jan. 6 committee. That tells Americans they need to know about the legitimacy of the House Democrats’ investigation of January 6, as well as the actual reason why Epps was never prosecuted for his allegedly illegal activities.


Ray Epps Told FBI He Expected ‘Terrorist Attack’ on Jan. 6 — But Forgot to Mention His Real Reasons for Being at the Capitol

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