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Republicans Cave: ‘Tennessee Three’ Member Leads Protest on House, Sworn Back in After Nashville ‘Insurrection’

Justin Jones, the member of the “Tennessee Three” legislature who led what critics are mockingly referring to as an “insurrection” on the House floor has been reinstated despite the Republican Party holding a supermajority.

The New York Times crowed about the GOP caving yet again and giving in to mob rule, race politics, and legislative intimidation tactics.

Justin Jones, one of the two Black Democrats expelled from the Tennessee House of Representatives for leading a gun control protest on the House floor, was sworn back in to his seat on Monday in a swift rebuke to the state’s Republican supermajority.

Within an hour of the Metropolitan Nashville Council unanimously voting to temporarily appoint Mr. Jones back to the seat, the young lawmaker had returned to take his place in the Republican-controlled legislature that overwhelmingly voted to expel him just four days earlier.

After leading hundreds of supporters on a march from the council meeting, Mr. Jones took his oath of office on the steps of the State Capitol, now empowered with a national platform and the backing of Democrats across the state and the country. The moment came two weeks after the mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville that prompted Mr. Jones and two other Democrats to protest in the House chamber.

Jones led a mob to the Tennessee legislature on Monday to demand that he be restored to his political office.

After the Republicans’ shameful act of capitulation to mob rule, the radical activist boasted that it would only encourage more such behavior.

“No expulsion, no attempt to silence us will stop us, but it will only galvanize and strengthen our movement,” Mr. Jones said in his first formal remarks.

While at the Tennessee legislature, Jones raised his fist triumphantly in the famous “black power” salute.

After the Tennessee bullhorn incident and his expulsion, Jones claimed he didn’t know he was breaking the rules by using the bullhorn to disrupt official proceedings.

Jones then blamed Republicans for escalating things. He denied that encouraging the violent clashes at the Tennessee House wasn’t analogous to inciting an “insurrection.”

As the Media Research Center’s Nicholas Fondacaro points out, the press has backed up Jones’ claim that a GOP lawmaker launched an unprovoked attack on Jones and snatched his phone.

But Jones’s video shows he intentionally shoving his phone in his colleague’s face, he notes.

“There is no accountability when it comes to people on their side.”

Jones then argued his expulsion and that of a colleague Justin Pearson was racially motivated, because white female Gloria Johnson kept her seat by one vote. However, Johnson did not use a bullhorn on the Tennessee House floor, which was the reason cited to expel Jones and Pearson.

“I think there is no coincidence, that the two youngest black lawmakers…were kicked out by an almost-entirely white 75-member caucus,” Jones says. “It was a political lynching, ” he proclaimed. “How dare you think you are equal,” he said, putting words in the GOP’s mouth.

As an activist in 2019, Jones threw a hot cup of coffee at two Republican lawmakers, including the Speaker. Democrats then nominated and elect him to the chamber, where he proceeded to call an immigrant GOP member a racial slur. And of course, this bullhorn incident will only further encourage such bully tactics in legislatures around the country.

Former RNC chair Michael Steele even urged Jones to “continue the good fight” while praising his “leadership.”

The Democratic Party will only be encouraged to stage more such “insurrections” if the Republican Party keeps caving to their radical tactics.


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