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‘Resign Immediately’: AOC Gets Wrecked After Absurd Comment on Murdered Iranian Woman

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has shown to the world once again that her penchant for idiotic takes knows no bounds.

The radical socialist representative was lit up on social media for comparing Iran women protesting for freedom to American women protesting for abortion-on-demand.

“Solidarity with the courageous women and allies in Iran protesting for their freedom,” AOC tweeted. “Mahsa Amini was senselessly murdered by the same patriarchal and autocratic forces repressing women the world over. The right to choose belongs to us all, from hijabs to reproductive care.”

AOC’s tone-deaf remark follows upon massive protests across Iran that are being spurred on by Iran’s morality police, which is actually enforcing hijabs.

Fox News reported that a woman named Amini was arrested by Iran’s morality police for allegedly violating the strict dress code for women, which requires them to be wearing a hijab in public.

She was allegedly beaten after her arrest and later died after a three-day coma. Her death has spurred Iranians to show up in mass to protest the the Islamic Republic and some women burned their hijab in protest.

This is what a fight for freedom looks like, not a contrived Democrat GOTV drive in an election year.

“Mahsa Amini is not George Floyd. Iran is not Ukraine. Hijab is not inherent to Iranian culture. Stop projecting your Feminist biases upon what is a national struggle for the sovereignty of Iranian People. Stop appropriating Iran for your Woke agenda & liberation theology,”

“Your only Allie’s in Iran are the Mullas,” SkyRider responded on Twitter. “Your side suppress Iranians like me here in the US b/c we have opposing views. You call people like me , thought we escaped real oppression extremists. The majority of Iranians are not stupid enough to buy this BS.”

“You’re shameless in such a disgusting take. This is NOTHING like that,” added Rebecca Downs.

“you actually compared Islamic rulers killing a woman, to a woman getting an abortion, killing an innocent child? Do you ever read what you write? Resign immediately! You’re unfit for any public office!” said Patrick Scully.

“Shame on you @AOC. Couldn’t just tweet out support for the brave Iranian people – you had to put your radical spin on it… Pathetic,” Iranian Americans for Liberty retorted.

“It took a full week for the Squad to figure out a way of making believe they give a hoot about women being killed in Iran over hijabs,” said Gary Weiss. “If they really cared, they’d have been all over it in a microsecond, and not waited until their silence became as repulsive as they are.”

But the Squad doesn’t care. They will hijack anyone’s sacrifice and bravery to enlist it in their own radical activist causes.

But AOC and “the Squad” wouldn’t know what a courageous act looked like if it were right in front of their faces.

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