The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Thursday that Megyn Kelly and other well-known journalists will host the fourth GOP presidential debate on December 6.

The fourth debate will be held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and will be co-hosted by NewsNation, The Washington Free Beacon, The Megyn Kelly Show on SiriusXM, and Rumble. What a great choice! Eliana Johnson, editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, and Elizabeth Vargas, news anchor for NewsNation, will join Kelly to run the forum.

“It will be the margarita of debates – spicy, fun and somewhat intoxicating. Looking forward to it,” Kelly said in a press release.

Fox News and Fox Business hosted the first two debates. The Young America’s Foundation (YAF), the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Univision, and Rumble were picked to be as partners. Some well-known conservative media figures spoke out against the second discussion after Univision reporter Ilia Calderón asked questions about racism and LGBTQ discrimination.

Kelly didn’t like the second debate and tweeted, “Is this an MSNBC debate?”

After the reaction, the RNC teamed up with NBC News, Salem Radio News, and the Republican Jewish Coalition for the discussion. Aside from a few heated exchanges, the third debate was mostly a chance for the candidates to say what they wanted to say. The lawmakers had fewer chances to react.

In a 2022 interview, David Bossie, who was in charge of the Temporary Committee on Presidential talks, said that the talks would not be shown on the “same old outlets” but would instead be shown on “conservative media.”

“Look I am just spitballing here because we have not done anything but wouldn’t the American people, the Republican primary voters want to see a debate where, I don’t know Mark Levin and Dan Bongino got to ask questions? Right? Wouldn’t that be interesting and entertaining all at the same time?” Bossie told Daily Caller editorial director and WMALDC radio host Vince Coglianese when asked if the debates would be hosted by conservative media outlets such as the Daily Wire, Breitbart or National Review.

The news comes one day after Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy roasted the Republican Party and the NBC moderators for the debate format being hosted by Democrats.

“Frankly, look,” Ramaswamy began. “The people there, cheering for losing in the Republican Party. Think about who’s moderating this debate. This should be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Elon Musk. We’d have 10 times the viewership asking questions that GOP primary voters actually care about and bringing more people into our party.”

“Do you think the Democrats, and we’ve got Kristen Welker here, do you think that Democrats would actually hire Greg Gutfeld to host a Democratic debate? They wouldn’t do it,” he added.

“And so the fact of the matter is, I mean, Kristen, I’m going to use this time. This is actually about you in the media and the Corrupt Media Establishment. Let me ask you: The Trump Russia collusion hoax that you pushed on this network for years — was that real or was that Hillary Clinton made-up disinformation? Answer the question.”

“This is how we get our country back,” he continued. “We need accountability because this media rigged the 2016 election. They rigged the 2020 election with a Hunter Biden laptop story, and they’re going to rig this election.”

It looks like RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is no fan of Mr. Ramaswamy, if we can believe the reports from Tim Pool that McDaniel called him an “a**hole.”

But gauging by her announcement on Thursday morning, deep down, she knows he is right.


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