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Joe Rogan Warns America That ‘We’re Not That Far Away’ from Being China

Popular talk show host Joe Rogan has a warning for America: ‘We’re not that far away’ from being China.

Rogan laid bare the path to communism that America is currently on in a recent podcast.

“You get caught up in these ideological battles, all the while they are inching us closer to nuclear war, they’re pushing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs into our lives, they are instituting a centralized digital currency and a credit score system and controlling people and locking people down, and the establishment narratives that are not based on fact at all, but if you don’t follow lockstep with that narrative, you’re f**ked and you’re out of a job, and so everybody doesn’t know what to do,” Rogan said.

“Next thing you know, we have something that’s very similar to what’s going on in China,” he continued. “And that can happen. We’re not that far away from something like that happening here.”

“All it would take is a large disaster, some sort of an attack, some sort of a terrible scenario where a bunch of people died and they had to change the rules in order to protect us,” he added. “And next thing you know, you’re f**ked.”

Joe Rogan had recently hosted comedian and podcaster Russell Brand, who provided some insight into the country’s state of perpetual crisis.

Brand laid out how pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from medical crisis and the military-industrial complex is benefiting from wars, so Americans can expect more crises as elites are profiting from them.

While it may appear to socialists that ending the system of capitalist exploitation would resolve such issues, the cure is worse than the disease. The true problem arises when the government grows so powerful that it can be captured and put into the service of the elites’ ends, rather than the people’s.


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