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Former House Intel Chair Accuses AG Garland of ‘Blocking’ Durham from Bringing Charges Against Russiagate Officials

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on Friday accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of ‘blocking’ Special Counsel John Durham from bringing charges against officials implicated in the Russiagate scandal.

“Something else going on with Durham,” Nunes said. “He has put systematically the FBI on trial here. He has showed us that there were so many people that were not just working for the Clinton campaign and the DNC. They also happen to be working for the FBI or later after the fact. They start to work for the FBI when they know that they’re actually liars… and they’re not credible.”

“So, I think what’s happening here, that Durham is being blocked, and I don’t say this lightly,” he added. “He is being blocked by somebody within the Department of Justice, or he cannot bring the charges that should be brought right now. And those are charges of conspiracy, of lying to Congress, misleading Congress, defrauding the government…”

“He has probable cause, how…” Nunes said.

“Could he possibly be blocked?” Hannity asked.

“I just don’t see how he hasn’t been able to bring very basic charges,” Nunes said. “I mean, there are so many people that simply lied to Congress and misled Congress.”

Nunes also argued that people have to “go to jail” to restory trust in the FBI.

“If people do not go to jail, the trust in the FBI is going to even further down with Republicans and conservatives in this country.”

He also said calls for changing or disbanding the FBI will get “louder and louder” if Special Counsel John Durham is not allowed to bring charges.

Nunes argued that Durham “has got the goods on many people in the FBI, and the Department of Justice, and the Clinton campaign, and the DNC.”

On Friday, investigative reporter Paul Sperry said that Nunes was referring to former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“Former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes alleged on Fox tonight that Attorney General Gardland has ‘blocked’ Special Counsel Durham from bringing criminal conspiracy charges against former FBI officials Comey and McCabe, who certified fraudulent FISA warrants to spy on a Trump adviser,” Sperry wrote.

Special Counsel John Durham and his team have been interviewing witnesses in the trial of Igor Danchenko. The court trial has revealed a number of disturbing facts about the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into purported Trump-Russia collusion. Dossier author Christopher Steele’s ‘primary source’ Igor Danchenko was paid over $200,000 as a human asset for the FBI. Danchenko was suspected of working with Russian intelligence, but efforts to further verify his background were stifled. Even the request to give him a polygraph test to check if he was lying to the bureau was shut down.

A judge on Friday nonetheless threw out one of five charges against Igor Danchenko in a major setback for Durham’s investigation.

“The judge dropped one of the five false-statement charges, specifically pertaining to the allegation that Danchenko lied to the FBI about speaking with a Democratic operative about the anti-Trump dossier,” CNN reported. “Danchenko has pleaded not guilty.”

“District Judge Anthony Trenga said in court Friday that Danchenko’s answer to the FBI interviewer ‘was literally true’ and that Durham’s case on that specific charge was too weak to send to the jury,” the report added.

This state of affairs is unsustainable if the revelations out of the Special Counsel investigation continue to be met with tepid justice or injustice. The U.S. government protecting the criminality and abuse of power by law enforcement and intelligence officials has to be rectified if the American people are ever going to trust their own government again.

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