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Scientists Reveal: If Trump Was ‘For’ a COVID Response, ‘Science’ Was Biased Against It

    During one of the deadliest pandemics in recent times, the scientific community was forming health policy responses based in part on political bias against former President Trump. Such was the striking testimony from a recent House committee’s interview of scientists.

    House Republicans on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis interviewed scientists on Tuesday regarding the origins of COVID-19 and on lessons from the pandemic response during a forum on Capitol Hill.

    One of the scientists was Dr. Brett Giroir, who served under President Trump as the Assistant Health & Human Services Secretary for Health. He also led the administration’s COVID-19 testing efforts. Dr. Giroir and the other experts spoke about the need for government transparency and a full investigation into the Wuhan lab leak theory. Several Republican lawmakers, not on the special subcommittee, also voiced support for such a review.

    During the hearing, Dr. Giroir pointed out that there were a number of ‘controversies’ regarding the COVID response that arose because ‘Trump was a controversial figure.’

    “But there was such bias against the president,” Dr. Giroir said, “That even thinking you were helping the president, you were excommunicated from the scientific community.”

    “And I think that is a really important factor,” he added.

    “I just want to dig in on that a little bit,” Dr. Mark Green, a congressman from Tennessee, interjected. Green pointed out that in residency doctors would often critically examine medical journal articles for signs of bias.

    “There is a new bias in our scientific community,” Green concluded. “And it is — Trump.”

    “And if you are going to reseaerch anything that could, you know, prove the president’s statement is true,” Rep. Green went on, “Then that is absolutely rejected out-of-hand. And therefore, a form of bias. Is that what I’m hearing?”

    “You are hearing that and I’m going to tell you, and I am not going to go into specifics,” Dr. Giroir responded. “But physicians who were on the task force, or who were around the task force, were under tremendous pressure from their scientific colleagues to not even show up with the president on stage, advise in the Oval Office. Tremendous pressure and they felt it.”

    “This was real,” Dr. Giroir added. “And… I’m not going to read into her, but I will just say Dr. Birx said, ‘she knew her career was over the moment she came to the task force.’ because she would be prejudicially…”

    “Yeah, excommunicated,” Dr. Green remarked, drawing again on a term with religious connotations. “Excommunicated from the scientific community… because she may have supported some thesis that was scientifically true and we all know to be true, but Trump supported.”

    “It’s not even the thesis,” Dr. Giroir commented. “It’s being on the same place with the president.”

    Whether it came to treatments like hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, or even the vaccines themselves, the biased media sowed doubt in every potential medical treatment that Donald Trump endorsed as a possibility of COVID-19 treatment.

    No, this is not “science.” This is a nearly religious obsession to corrupt every field in American life with political bias, even if it ends up costing thousands of human lives.


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