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Sen. Grassley Hits FBI Director Right Between the Eyes with THE Hunter Biden Laptop Question

    FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday and was hammered on his extremely concerning track record of politicization of the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

    Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican from Iowa, confronted Wray point-blank about the Hunter Biden laptop. Watch:

    “If the FBI is going to open an investigation, you have to do it the right way,” Grassley said. “It appears that the right way was not done. So, let’s contrast this investigation with what the FBI has done with allegedly criminal information received from numerous sources related to Hunter Biden. Simply put the FBI’s shut down investigative activity.”

    “In August of 2020 the FBI supervisory intelligence analysts open an assessment,” he continued. “This August 2020 assessment served as a vehicle by which the FBI headquarters team falsely labeled Hunter Biden information, as you know what, ‘disinformation.'”

    “As just one example to make my concern clear, in October 2020 an avenue of reporting on Hunter Biden was ordered to close that Hunter Biden information related to potential criminal activity,” he added. “According to whistleblowers the reporting was either verified or verifiable via criminal search warrants.”

    “But it was shut down on the basis of it being at risk of ‘disinformation’ based on allegations,” Grassley said. “The evidence didn’t support that finding.”

    “So let’s look at both of these fact patterns,” he went on . “On the one hand, the FBI greenlit a full investigation into Trump based on liberal news articles and information derived from liberal nonprofits. On the other hand, the FBI closed investigative activities and sources that provided verified or verifiable reporting on Hunter Biden”

    “Director Wray, you’ll have to explain to the committee and to the country, how you’ll manage this mess and how you’ll clean house,” he said.

    Of course, Christopher Wray dodged explaining how he would hold Hunter Biden accountable for the obvious criminal activity that is on full display in the verified laptop.

    For his part, Senator Ted Cruz pressed FBI Director Wray on the disturbing pattern of politicized conduct out of the FBI.

    “Director Wray, I am deeply concerned that the FBI and the DOJ have become thoroughly politicized,” Cruz said. “I think you have been unwilling to root it out and unwilling to hold people accountable for the politicization . I hear regularly from FBI agents and from professionals at the DOJ who are dismayed that our law enforcement has been weaponized and politicized, rather than remaining apolitical, as it has been for the history of our country.”

    The FBI director is clearly unwilling to remedy the glaring national security issues the president’s son presents in terms of compromising business deals and illicit behavior that foreign intelligence agencies might leverage to gain advantage over the United States.

    That the U.S. mainstream media and the Democratic Party remain wholly unconcerned by the dangerous and unacceptable state of affairs presented by the Biden family’s corruption speaks volumes.


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