Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-KY) on fire at a Senate Judiciary Committee Business Meeting.

In addition to discussing issues with the attack on the Supreme Court, she announces a number of subpoenas:

Subpoenas to be issued for the following:

  • Justice Sotomayer’s staff who helped to sell her books as well as to her publisher to fully understand the back story of these deals
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to provide the flight logs for his private plane.
  • Secretary Becerra to come before this committee and explain to us how HHS and the
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement has lost track of 85,000 children.
  • The Biden DOJ to provide all documentation about their disastrous decision to terminate the successful China Initiative. That was a program that was critical to targeting and prosecuting Chinese Spies in America.
  • All documents relating to any political donations and participation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff, in order to get to the bottom of the attempt to take down President Trump
  • To compel DOJ and the FTC to provide all documents related to the investigation of Elon Musk, as related to two tiers of justice and the goal of censoring conservative speech online.

Finally, a senator who gets it. We need to start dragging these public officials out of the shadows and into the light on all the shady backroom deals they have been cutting behind the back of the American People.


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