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Senator Ted Cruz Reveals ‘Chaos at the Impeachment Trial’ After Dems’ Witness Gambit

    Senator Ted Cruz is revealing behind-the-scenes revelations about Chuck Schumer being “blindsided” the impeachment managers at the fifth day of the impeachment trial.

    “Chaos at the impeachment trial. Dems had agreed to know witnesses, then House Managers changed their mind this morning. Schumer blindsided. Pandemonium. They’re negotiating now to figure out next steps,” he said.

    “While we’re waiting to figure out what’s next, I thought I’d share some of the Qs in the pile that DIDN’T make the cut to be asked yesterday. (These are all real, from various senators, who will remain anonymous.),” he averred.

    3/x Q1: “Where’s the short, fat guy?” he added.

    “Can we build the Keystone Pipeline if we add Hunter Biden to the board?” he continued.

    5/x Q3: “To Manager Swalwell: Tell us about Fang Fang.”

    6/x Q4: “(generic) Have any of the House Managers had sexual relations with a Chinese commits spy? Please explain.”

    The Trump impeachment trial was running two days ahead of schedule, and could, conceivably, be over on Saturday if the senators so chose. The optimism for a speedy trial seems to be all but over.

    Update: Fox News’ Chad Pergram provides a bit more: Cruz believes 53 to 57 senators may be poised to convict, slightly higher than before this morning’s session.

    Senator Ted Cruz recently discussed the impeachment trial on an episode of his podcast, “Verdict.”

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