If you claim that billionaire George Soros and his empire are attempting to shape American politics by pouring money into it, you are portrayed as a hyperventilating, fixated conspiracy theorist who sees shadowy intent behind everything the Hungarian-born financier and his Open Society Foundations do.

Unless, of course, you’re a representative of the Open Society Foundations, who observes that Soros’ empire is pouring money into American politics while claiming to be “nonpartisan.” Then it’s simply news.

According to an Associated Press report published Tuesday, the Open Society Foundations, now led by George Soros’s son Alex Soros, ““it will commit $50 million to increase civic engagement among women and young people over the next three years as part of its strategy to support democracy in the U.S..”

“In the early stages of the Trump administration, philanthropic support for organizations seeking to protect and defend progressive policy wins and to counter democratic suppression efforts surged,” Alex Soros said in a statement.

“But groups dedicated to the civic engagement of women and young people did not see similar increases in levels of support.”

According to the Associated Press, Soros’ message was that “advocacy from women and younger generations is essential to stopping the advancement of authoritarianism.”

The AP’s Thalia Beaty baselessly claimed: “The new funding is explicitly not timed to influence the 2024 presidential election, said Laleh Ispahani, the executive director of Open Society-U.S., emphasizing that the funding is nonpartisan.”


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