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Southwest Employees are Now Organizing ‘Peaceful Protest’ Against the Airline’s Vaccine Mandate

Southwest Airlines employees are now organizing a “peaceful protest,” according to a flyer from a Southwest employee shared by Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec:

“Let your voice be heard,” the flyer says. “Please join your Southwest Cohearts, vaccinated or not, in exercising your first amendment right to a peaceful protest of the recent Covid-19 vaccination mandate.”

“Freedom not force,” the flyer underscores, noting that it is scheduled for Monday, Octobert 18 at 8:30 a.m.

“All who believe in medical freedom are welcome to gather outside Southwest Airlines Headquarters entrace at the intersection of Denton Drive and Love Field drive,” it says, referring to the company’s Dallas headquarters.

“Please invite others and bring signs stating: Terminate the mandate; freedom not force; and no jabs for jobs,” the flyer adds.

Becker News was among the first to report the Southwest “sick out.” Tucker Carlson, on his Monday night monologue, talked about the reported demonstration that took place this weekend after the Southwest Pilots Association sued the airline over the vaccine mandate on Friday.

“Consider the argument they’re hearing from Joe Biden: You must get the shot for the sake of people who’ve already gotten the shot because the shots don’t work well enough to protect the people who’ve already gotten them,” he continued. “That’s what Joe Biden and the entire American health establishment is telling them. So imagine making that argument to an airline pilot, someone whose entire job is based on logic. It is utterly bewildering to them, because it doesn’t make sense. It’s just too unreasonable.”

“I’ve flown military jets in three different war zones,” one pilot told us this weekend. ‘I have never lost sleep like this. The stress is beyond belief. It’s dangerous.’ People are melting.”

“So this weekend in protest, a large number of Southwest pilots called out sick and they effectively shut down their airline,” Tucker noted. “And many of them, you should know, admire the company they work for. They love Southwest Airlines, but they felt they had no choice but to do this. Nobody was standing up for them, not the United States Congress, which, by the way, has exempted itself from vaccine mandates, not even their labor union, which exists and is paid to defend them. But they’re not.”

While Jen Psaki has claimed that the notion that Southwest employees are fighting back against the company over the vaccine mandate as “absolutely false,” it looks like there are receipts that this is indeed what is happening.

Now that we have Southwest employees formally announcing a protest at the company’s Dallas headquarters, the uprising against the vaccine mandate can no longer tenably be denied.


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