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Speaker Nancy Pelosi Just Issued One of the Most Dangerous Statements in American History on the Supreme Court

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi just delivered one of the most dangerous statements in American history on the U.S. Supreme Court. Read her “dear colleague” statement issued on Monday below.

    “This weekend, the American people spoke out in person and in large numbers about their opposition to the Supreme Court’s disrespect for a woman’s freedom over her reproductive health,” Pelosi said.

    “Following the release of the draft decision, our pro-choice House Democratic Majority has been hard at work preparing for the possibility of this tragic outcome,” she went on. “Our Caucus has been exploring avenues to protect the health and freedom of American women.  Among them is legislation that”:

    • Protects women’s most intimate and personal data stored in reproductive health apps.  Many fear that this information could be used against women by a sinister prosecutor in a state that criminalizes abortion.
    • Makes clear that Americans have the Constitutional right to travel freely and voluntarily throughout the United States.
    • Once again passes the Women’s Health Protection Act: landmark legislation to enshrine Roe v. Wade into the law of the land.

    “In his disturbing concurrence, Justice Clarence Thomas confirmed many of our deepest fears about where this decision may lead: taking aim at additional long-standing precedent and cherished privacy rights, from access to contraception and in-vitro fertilization to marriage equality,” she claimed. “Legislation is being introduced to further codify freedoms which Americans currently enjoy.  More information to follow.”

    “It is still appalling to me that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would agree that a Constitutional right does not exist if it was not spelled out explicitly and in public when the 14th Amendment was ratified over 150 years ago,” she added. “While this extremist Supreme Court works to punish and control the American people, Democrats must continue our fight to expand freedom in America.  Doing so is foundational to our oath of office and our fidelity to the Constitution.”

    “It is clear from how Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell stacked the Supreme Court that elections have ramifications,” she added. “It is essential that we protect and expand our pro-choice Majorities in the House and Senate in November so that we can eliminate the filibuster so that we can restore women’s fundamental rights – and freedom for every American.”

    Justice Clarence Thomas articulated the majority decision and laid out its legal reasoning in clear, unmistakeable fashion.

    “The Court has been ‘reluctant’ to recognize rights that are not mentioned in the Constitution,” the court majority held. “Guided by the history and tradition that map the essential components of the Nation’s concept of ordered liberty, the Court finds the Fourteenth Amendment clearly does not protect the right to an abortion.”

    “Until the latter part of the 20th century, there was no support in American law for a constitutional right to obtain an abortion,” the decision added. “No state constitutional provision had recognized such a right. Until a few years before Roe, no federal or state court had recognized such a right. Nor had any scholarly treatise. Indeed, abortion had long been a crime in every single State. At common law, abortion was criminal in at least some stages of pregnancy and was regarded as unlawful and could have very serious consequences at all stages.”

    “American law followed the common law until a wave of statutory restrictions in the 1800s expanded criminal liability for abortions,” the ruling continued. “By the time the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted, three-quarters of the States had made abortion a crime at any stage of pregnancy. This consensus endured until the day Roe was decided. Roe either ignored or misstated this history, and Casey declined to reconsider Roe’s faulty historical analysis.”

    “Respondents’ argument that this history does not matter flies in the face of the standard the Court has applied in determining whether an asserted right that is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution is nevertheless protected by the Fourteenth Amendment,” the court added.

    On the morning of the Supreme Court decision, ‘very Catholic‘ Nancy Pelosi blasted the ruling.

    “There’s no point in saying good morning, because it certainly is not one,” Pelosi said. “This morning, the radical Supreme Court is eviscerating American rights and endangering their health and safety. But the Congress will continue to act to overcome this extremism and protect the American people.”

    “Today the Republican-controlled Supreme Court has achieved their dark, extreme goal of ripping away a woman’s right to make their own reproductive health decisions,” she went on. “Because of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the Republican Party, their supermajority in the Supreme Court, American women today have less freedom than their mothers.”

    “With Roe and their attempt to destroy it, radical Republicans are charging ahead with their crusade to criminalize health freedom,” she added. “In the Congress — be aware of this — the Republicans are plotting a nationwide abortion ban. They cannot be allowed to have a majority in the Congress to do that.”

    She railed against the Supreme Court and impugned its integrity.

    “We had passed that legislation, really, in order to make it the wall the land,” she continued. “It is clear that we just have to win a majority in November. Everything is at stake. If you’re a woman, if you care about women, if you respect women, you know that this is a disgraceful, disgraceful judgment that they made.”

    “So, needless to say, and you know I quote Lincoln all the time, public sentiment is everything,” she continued. “With it, you can accomplish almost anything; without it, practically nothing. But in order for public sentiment to prevail, people have to know, and people do know.”

    This is is a veiled threat to Supreme Court Justices that the radical left intends to unleash its mobs against them. Justice Brett Kavanaugh even received an assassination attempt at his doorstep, which the Democratic Party did nothing to condemn.

    Despite Pelosi’s smears of the nation’s highest court, going so far as to depict the justices as “right-wing politicians,” her polarizing statements about the court’s decision are devoid of rational basis. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley picked it apart.

    “Speaker Pelosi just repeated the false claim that this decision now undo cases on contraception and other areas,” Turley said. “That is simply untrue and the Court expressly addressed that false claim in the opinion…”

    “The majority rejects that claim and notes that ‘perhaps this is designed to stoke unfounded fear that our decision will imperil those other rights.’ Having the Speaker refer to the next election despite the express statement to the Court seems to reaffirm that view,” he added.

    It takes an extremist party to call everything its leaders disagree with “extremist.” But Speaker Nancy Pelosi crossed a big red line by calling a co-equal branch of government “extremist.” Her rhetoric is dangerous and reckless, even more so of the reliably unhinged Rep. Maxine Waters screeching “to hell with the Supreme Court! We will defy them!”


    Maxine Waters Explodes After SCOTUS Abortion Decision: “To Hell with the Supreme Court, We Will Defy Them!”

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