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Speaker Pelosi Unleashes Vicious Smear Against GOP: They Seek to ‘Nullify’ Elections, ‘Suppress’ Black Voters

    There is no low too low for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After an election where Republicans who contested the results were smeared as ‘traitors,’ despite the Democrats doing the same thing in 2001, 2005, and 2017, Pelosi is irrefutably undermining confidence in U.S. elections. She is outright claiming Republicans want to “nullify” elections because states have passed some common sense voter integity measures that often reflect the status quo prior to the 2020 election debacle.

    However, the Democrats are stubbornly adverse to returning to normal election practices prior to the 2020 election. States in that year abruptly and often unconstitutionally changed election laws to benefit the Democratic Party.

    These states implemented mass mail-in ballots that virtually every nation considers to be more prone to voter fraud, ‘drop boxes’ that foster ballot harvesting and chain-of-custody issues, weak voter identification practices, and ‘dirty’ voter rolls. These now seem to be ‘best practices,’ according to the Democratic Party. Indeed, the Democrats are now attempting to make elections even less secure, while harping on the non-sensical, irrelevant mantra that voting should be as ‘easy’ as possible.

    It should be noted there is not one eligible adult in the United States who cannot vote in our elections and the same has held true in the decades prior to 2020. Absolutely nothing has changed that fact.

    But that isn’t stopping Pelosi from going on one of her most unhinged tirades ever on the issue. Watch:

    “Now, even with the election in 2020, we see even more need because of the actions taken during the election in 2020 and since,” Pelosi said. “And all the more need, not just for H.R. 4, but for H.R. 1, now S. 1 in the Senate.”

    “The suppression of the vote is — is — not only the suppression of the vote, but nullification of elections that they are putting forth, there are probably 20 bills that had become law that had been enacted, hundreds that had been introduced to suppress the vote,” she viciously claimed.

    “Why? And you just have to wonder why would they not want to make it easier for people to vote?” she said. “Just because they want to suppress the vote among people of color, they are also suppressing the vote for everyone else by their, again, suppression of number of polling places, hours that are there, the list goes on and on.”

    “So we’re very optimistic about what we said, we, the people, it has to be the people doing this, and over time, over time there are efforts to expand freedom and now the Republicans want to contract freedom,” she said. “This is the week — this week we are observing women’s equality week, when 101 years ago women won the right to vote.”

    “At the time they said women given the right to vote — not given, not given, fought for, starved for, marched for, worked so hard over decades to achieve the 19th Amendment,” she continued.

    “So last week was the day in Tennessee when the vote was taken in Tennessee to take us to the number of states needed to ratify, this week is the enactment. So for one week we celebrate. But as we celebrate, we have to protect the vote, not only in terms of ending suppression, but ending nullification. Martin Luther King, Reverend King, he talked about nullification in his ‘I Have a Dream Speech.’”

    “So this is something that had been there in the Jim Crow world that they want to resurrect,” she lied. “So, again, I salute Terry Sewell, I salute all who have worked onto the legislation, Steve Cohen whose committee who put forth the — subcommittee put forth the legislation last week. The list goes on. While we were presenting our press conference on it yesterday, we had the honor of the presence of the legislators from Texas there who are seeing firsthand the brutal attempts to suppress the vote in their state.”

    “We were honored by their presence, inspired by their courage, and determined to get this to become the law of the land,” she continued. “I talked about how proud I was of my caucus and their commitment to America’s working families, and I just want to talk about what — where we go next.”

    It is hard to put into words how absolutely despicable it is for a party that accused 2020 election objectors as traitors, while turning around and claiming that their opponents are ‘racists’ who want to ‘nullify’ elections. It shows how desperate and craven this power-mad party has become and what depths it will stoop to in order to secure its iron-fisted grip on power.

    On Tuesday, the House Democrats passed the H.R.4 purported “voting rights” bill, which it deceptively framed as a “rights” bill in the spirit of the civil rights icon John Lewis. The bill was passed 100% along party lines and is virtually dead-on-arrival in the U.S. Senate. The House Democrats will now, fortunately, be leaving session for a weeks, giving us all a much-needed break from their malarkey.


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