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Speaker Pelosi’s Bold Prediction Dems Will ‘Hold the House’ Should Have Every American Worried About the Midterm Elections

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was treated to an open mic night on late night television on Monday, as Stephen Colbert rolled out the red carpet for “Madame Speaker” to spout a bunch of lies and nonsense. But the most eye-opening part of her interview was her assertions about why the Democrats will hold onto the House and Senate. Watch:

“In 2018, when you were sitting right there in that chair, you came on here, and you predicted that the Democrats were going to pick up seats in the Congress on a large scale. They did,” Colbert said. “They picked up 40 seats in the House, a real wave. What is your prediction for the election that’s a little bit more than a month away? Madame Speaker, you have the floor.”

“Okay, thank you very much,” Pelosi replied. “Well, I’m so glad you asked that question because I believe that we will win the House— hold the House. And we will hold the House— By winning more seats. We won the 40 seats. Then we lost some when Trump was on the ballot. We lost some in the Trump districts. But we held enough seats to hold the House with him on the ballot. He’s not on the ballot now. Oh, did I say his name? I didn’t mean to.”

“We’ll have the videotapes fumigated,” Colbert remarked.

“Perhaps you could bleep that out,” Pelosi added.

“No worries. No worries. It is a family show,” he went on.

“But what gives you the confidence? Because all the prognosticators— certainly six months ago they said it was going to be this crazy red wave,” he said. “Now it looks likely the Democrats will hold the Senate but there is still a flight favor for the Republicans to take the House.”

“You ready?” Pelosi asked.

“Always,” he replied.

“Here’s the thing, when we won in 2020, again fewer seats, but still holding the House, we started right away to prepare for the next election in terms of organization, own the ground,” she said. “When you mobilize, you must own the ground to take out the vote. You have to do that with inspiration and how we put together our messaging. That’s the second “m.” And the third is money. We’re getting ready for the election. That was in December of 2020.”

“In January 6, you know what happened, an insurrection incited by the president of the United States on the U.S. Capitol, on our Constitution, on our democracy,” she lied. “The greatest influx of candidates came forward, young people, people of color, people of different generations, different backgrounds and the rest, the beautiful diversity of America, came forward. They didn’t pay attention to those pundits who said you can’t win. They went in with courage and confidence that they could win.”

“So when ‘Roe v Wade’ came down, boom, we were totally ready,” she said, apparently alluding to the Supreme Court leaker, who is still at-large and unpunished. “And that just ’cause aid whole different attitude on the part of some of whether we could win. We always believed we could win because we knew we had to, because our democracy was on the ballot, our planet was on the ballot. Everything was on the ballot in this election, more than in regular majorities come and go.”

“It is on the ballot. You’re sounding a little like you’re talking in the past tense, if you don’t mind me pointing that out. We still have a little more than a month to go,” Colbert added.

“Yes,” she replied.

Maybe Nancy knows something about our elections that Americans don’t know? Because if the Democrats hold the House and the Senate, it will be more than just a little “miraculous.” It would make the 2020 election look like child’s play.


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