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Sweden Declares Pandemic ‘Over,’ Scraps Almost All COVID Restrictions as More European Nations Follow Suit

Sweden is once again showing the world that lifting Covid restrictions is the sensible approach to dealing with an endemic coronavirus that has a low mortality rate — particularly those with vaccinated or natural immunity.

“As of Wednesday, bars and restaurants will be allowed to stay open after 11pm again, and with no limits on the number of guests,” the Guardian reported. “Attendance limits for larger indoor venues were also lifted, as was the use of vaccine passes.”

“As we know this pandemic, I would say it’s over,” said Sweden’s minister of health Lena Hallengren. “It’s not over, but as we know it in terms of quick changes and restrictions it is.”

The Czech Republic is following suit by doing away with vaccine mandates and passports — similar to Scandinavian countries last week.

“People in the Czech Republic no longer have to show COVID passes from Thursday to gain access to bars, restaurants, cafes and hairdressers, as well sports and cultural events,” Euro News reported.

“It comes after the Czech government moved forward on Wednesday with easing coronavirus restrictions,” the report continued. “Prime Minister Petr Fiala said his government will lift measures further during February, depending on the development of the pandemic. The majority of coronavirus restrictions should be lifted by March 1, Fiala said.”

“Last week, Denmark became the first EU country to lift almost all coronavirus restrictions,” the report added. “It was quickly followed by Norway, where Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said society had to ‘live with’ the virus.”

Covid restrictions have been lifted in nearly a dozen major nations in the last month, including England, Switzerland, Ireland and Wales. In Canada, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan declared the ending of major Covid requirements in the face of a Freedom Convoy movement. Meanwhile, in France, police have banned a similar “freedom convoy” protest to prevent public pressure from building for similar reforms.

In the United States, several states announced the ending of school mask mandates, including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, while neighboring blue states Delaware and New York said they were maintaining their school mask mandates, while lifting them for indoor businesses. That’s the latest “science.”


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