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Teddy Roosevelt Becomes Latest Victim of Left’s ‘Cultural Revolution’

Theodore Roosevelt, one of the original America First presidents, has become the latest victim of the radical left’s ignorant drive to purge the country of its rich and complex past.

Roosevelt, who was the first U.S. president to host an African-American at the White House – celebrated author Booker T. Washington – is being cast out of ‘polite’ New York society by the American Museum of Natural History.

The president’s famous statue, featured in such films as a Night at the Museum, is being ignominiously shrouded and shipped to North Dakota for the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. The New York City Council earlier voted unanimously for the museum to remove the statue.

The Black Lives Matter movement has spearheaded the movement to remove not only statues of confederate leaders during the Civil War, but also any Founding Fathers and presidents who could be argued to reflect a colonialist or racist past.

Meanwhile, a statue of George Floyd, a violent criminal and prolific drug user who became the victim of a police arrest, has been erected at Union Square in New York City. It was soon defaced by members of the community that did not appreciate it being there.

The Daily Mail obtained police reports that tell the real story behind George Floyd’s own mixed past.

“The final straw for Floyd came after serving five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery in 2007 where he entered a woman’s home, pressed a gun into her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Floyd pleaded guilty to the robbery where another suspect posed as a worker for the local water department, wearing a blue uniform in an attempt to gain access to the woman’s home, according to the charging document,” the Daily Mail added.

Theodore Roosevelt was a complex and colorful figure who not only successfully led troops into battle during the Spanish-American War, but was also an environmentalist who founded the National Park Service. He has nonetheless become persona non grata to the effete revisionists who seek to purge American history in his home state of New York.

One of the ex-president’s descendants, Theodore Roosevelt V, even supported removing the statue, which he claimed is “problematic in its hierarchical depiction of its subjects.”

“Rather than burying a troubling work of art, we ought to learn from it,” Roosevelt’s descendant told the New York Post. “It is fitting that the statue is being relocated to a place where its composition can be recontextualized to facilitate difficult, complex, and inclusive discussions.”

If problematic history is a valid justification for removing statues from public view, how is it that George Floyd’s statue still stands? After all, if cultural landmark pays tribute to a person whose actions reflect “progress,” how could there be any justification to remove Teddy Roosevelt’s statue? It is just another sign that the radical left is undertaking a “cultural revolution” that seeks to obliterate our shared past in order to rewrite it for the purposes of a darker authoritarian future.


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