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Texas Democrats Fail to Stop Election Reform Bill: Governor Greg Abbott Finally Signs It Into Law

It was well worth the wait. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has finally signed an election reform bill into law that will help ensure that the 2022 mid-term elections aren’t as much of a debacle as 2020.

State Senator Bryan Hughest touted the bill being signed into law.

“If folks will look at what’s in the bill, they will find simple, common sense reforms that the people of Texas are calling for,” Hughes also told KETK.

According to Fox 4, the Texas election integrity bill accomplishes a number of objectives to ensure that elections are free, fair, and legitimate.

“The bill regulates early voting hours, bans drive-thru voting and allows poll watchers to record voters who receive help filling out ballots,” the news site reports. “It will also become a crime for local election officials to reject an appointed poll watcher or send out unsolicited applications/ballots for voting by mail.”

“The bill also expands measures previously only afforded on Election Day.,” the report adds. “Now, even in early voting, poll workers have to let people vote if they were in line before the polls closed. In addition to that, employers must let their employees go vote even during early voting if their work hours conflict. The bill would also give voters the chance to correct their mail-in ballots if it was received with an error.”

The signing of the election integrity bill closes the book on a Democrat-orchestrated saga. In July, nearly 60 Democratic lawmakers fled the state to deny the Texas legislature a quorum. Several of the holdouts, many of them testing positive for Covid, returned to Texas and the flee-a-buster was ended. On Tuesday, the bill was passed into law, regardless.


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