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Texas Gov. Abbott Issues Order for National Guard to Arrest Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued an order for the Texas National Guard to assist law enforcement with the arrests of migrants illegally crossing the border into the state.

“To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at our Southern border, more manpower is needed — in addition to the troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and soldiers from the Texas National Guard I have already deployed there — and DPS needs help in arresting those who are violating state law,” Abbott said in a letter to Major Gen. Tracy R. Norris of the Texas Military Department. “I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border.”

“The move is the latest in Abbott’s efforts to control what he has declared a disaster in several border counties, which he says has been brought on by the Biden administration’s lax immigration enforcement,” the Texas Tribune reported. “Border authorities have stopped hundreds of thousands of migrants trying to cross into the United States through its southwestern border, including 188,829 attempted crossings in June. That number was the highest of the year, beating the previous high of 180,641 set in May.”

Authorities have reported that migrants entering Texas illegally have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 were being released into the state. The charity booked hotel rooms for the migrants without notifying local officials.

In March, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton detailed the many ways that illegal immigration costs state taxpayers.

  • Texans pay between $579 million and $717 million each year for public hospital districts to provide uncompensated care for illegal aliens.
  • Texans paid $152 million to house illegal criminal aliens for just one year.
  • Texans pay between $62 million and $90 million to include illegal aliens in the state Emergency Medicaid program.
  • Texans paid more than $1 million for The Family Violence Program to provide services to illegal aliens for one year.
  • Texans pay between $30 million and $38 million per year on perinatal coverage for illegal aliens through the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Texans pay between $31 million and $63 million to educate unaccompanied alien children each year.

Ken Paxton was recently endorsed by President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election, snubbing rival candidate George P. Bush.


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