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The 7 Biggest Biden Coronavirus ‘Miracles’

Americans have witnessed truly miraculous coronavirus developments since the Divine Inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden.

Many have testified to the omens that Biden would crush the coronavirus. His most-secure-election-in-American-history™ would see him surpass the Chosen One he had served under, Barack Hussein Obama, by showing up to rallies with handfuls of disciples, but nonetheless securing the votes of over 81 million voters.

This all bode well for America to see truly unexpected ‘miracles’ in its battle with the coronavirus plague. Behold.

1. Cases, Hospitalizations & Deaths are Down

“Weekly new cases for the seven-day period beginning Thursday, January 14 were down 20 percent, the lowest number of new cases we’ve seen for a non-holiday week since mid-November. As importantly, after 16 straight weeks of increases, average weekly hospitalizations dropped 4 percent this week—a modest improvement, but a good sign.” (Covid Tracking)

2. Herd Immunity is Real Again

Then Biden himself made a comment about “herd immunity” that is bewildering Americans who were told the scientific concept was a “myth.”

“We are trying to get out a minimum of 100 million vaccinations in 100 days and move in the direction where we are well beyond that in the next 100 days so we can get to the point where we reach herd immunity in a country of over 300 million people,” Biden said. (Becker News)

3. ‘False Positives’ are a Real Thing Again

The World Health Organization is raising eyebrows with an announcement on COVID-19 tests potentially leading to many “false positives.”

The WHO issued a memorandum that errors processing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests could lead to people wrongly being dubbed infected. (Becker News)

4. California Can Reopen! Michigan Can Reopen! New York Can Reopen! Illinois Can Reopen!

5. Antibody Cocktails Work Again

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Tuesday its antibody cocktail was found effective in preventing COVID-19 in people exposed to those infected with the new coronavirus in an ongoing late stage trial.

The two-antibody cocktail, REGEN-COV, caused a 100% reduction in symptomatic infection and roughly 50% lower overall rates of infection, based on an early analysis of 400 participants in the trial who had a household member with COVID-19. (Reuters)

6. Hydroxychloroquine is Safe & Effective Again

The American Journal of Medicine published an August study in January that concludes: “Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)… when started earlier in the hospital course, for progressively longer durations and in outpatients, antimalarials may reduce the progression of disease, prevent hospitalization, and are associated with reduced mortality.” (Becker News)

7. Children Can Go Back to School Again!

“On Tuesday, federal health officials weighed in with a call for returning children to the nation’s classrooms as soon as possible, saying the “preponderance of available evidence” indicates that in-person instruction can be carried out safely”… (NY Times)

Americans can’t wait until the second week of the Biden administration, because at this rate the nation will be completely cured and the COVID pandemic will just look like an election-year dream!

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