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The 9 Impeachment Managers Dems Appointed Will Make Trump’s Impeachment Trial a Complete Circus

The Democrat-led House that voted to impeach President Trump with just two hours of debate for allegedly inciting an insurrection has appointed 9 impeachment managers to take their flimsy case to the Senate.

The Senate impeachment trial, scheduled for the week of February 8th, will assuredly be one of the most divisive and vitriol-fueled spectacles in American history. This will take place after a Biden campaign that promised restoring ‘civility’ and ‘unity’ to the country. The Democrats’ actions prove that they were lying to American voters. Try not to act so surprised.

The lead impeachment manager is Jamie Raskin. You might remember Raskin as having suggested the impeachment of Donald Trump two days before he was even sworn into office in 2017.

Then we have Eric Swalwell, fresh off a ‘honeypot’ scandal with a Chinese intelligence operative named Fang Fang. Swalwell not only ridiculously retained his position on the House intel committee, he was rewarded with an impeachment role.

Here he is discussing the House Democrats’ motivation behind the impeachment:

Then we have Joaquin Castro, who is about as radical left as it gets. At the House Dems’ impeachment show trial this January, he proclaimed Donald Trump “the most dangerous man to ever occupy the Oval Office.”

Rep. Ted Lieu is also an impeachment manager. He recently made the absurd assertion that Donald Trump attempted a “coup.”

The remaining impeachment managers include Rep. Diana DeGette:

Then there’s Rep. David Cicilline:

Impeachment manager Rep. Madeleine Dean expects the Senate trial to move faster this time around:

Then there’s Rep. Stacey Plaskett:

And Rep. Joe Neguse:

The Articles of Impeachment were submitted for ‘Incitement of Insurrection’:

As a brief overview, it is a proven fact that the Capitol breach was a pre-planned operation that had been in the works for weeks. Therefore, the speech that President Trump gave could not have “incited” an “insurrection.” The speech was boilerplate by Donald Trump’s standards, invoking phrases he had used dozens of times at peaceful rallies, and using commonplace standards like “fight” for their country, which Democrats themselves have used countless times.

The event itself was extremely unusual. The violence inside the actual Capitol building was decidedly one-sided: Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed under highly unusual circumstances. The Capitol police, highly outmanned due to the House of Representatives’ extremely questionable decision to turn down increased security requests multiple times, simply let Trump supporters into the building. Many of them only walked around and snapped pictures. These are facts.

A sensible assessment of former President Trump’s actions show that he could not have “incited” an “insurrection.” But as the selection of these 9 radical Democratic impeachment managers shows, we are not living in sensible times.

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