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The Amazing Coincidence That Makes It Extremely Convenient for Fauci to Test Positive for Covid

    Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday purportedly tested positive for Covid-19, despite being ‘fully vaccinated’ and ‘boosted.’ The nation’s top Covid doc released a statement informing his critics that his symptoms were, indeed, ‘mild.’ Fauci plans to isolate and work from home until he tests negative, the statement added, which it turns out is amazingly coincidental on many levels.

    The Covid diagnosis is an ironic state of affairs for the perpetually wrong health expert who has described himself as being tantamount to The Science™, since he had previously suggested that it would be impossible for the vaccinated to become infected.

    “When people get vaccinated, they can feel safe they are not going to get infected,” Dr. Anthony Fauci boasted in 2021.

    The NIAID chief’s false claim is consistent with the Biden administration repeatedly misleading Americans about the vaccines preventing infection and transmission.

    It is precisely the top Covid doc’s incredible history of false statements, exaggerations, and prevarications that make it convenient for Fauci to be telecommuting to work all of a sudden. Because on Thursday, he was expected to testify before Congress.

    “Fauci tests positive,” Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported. “Fauci is slated to testify tomorrow before the Senate health cmte about the pandemic.”

    There is another fantastic concidence that times perfectly with Fauci’s announcement that he’s got the Covid. It comes out as the same day that the FDA’s advisery panel recommended young children should get the jabs.

    The FDA panel ignored major red flags in Pfizer’s clinical trials data and unanimously recommended that very young children be given the mRNA shots. The brazen move all-but-guarantees that the FDA will authorize regimens of two-to-three shots for a cohort that is at statistically no risk from Covid-19.

    The FDA is also contemplating recommending that children receive a booster shot right after they get the regime of ‘vaccines.’ The Covid mortality risk for children is statistically zero.

    Statistical zero is also the remaining credibility of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Polling in January showed that only 31 percent of Americans trusted his advice.

    Much like Biden is the confused face of the Democratic Party, thereby putting his party at risk of catastrophic losses in the midterm elections, Fauci has become the face of the Public Health industry, thereby damaging its reputation for a generation.

    Maybe it’s best that Dr. Fauci stay home sick from Covid. We’re all doing better without him.


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