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The Beginning of the End for the Democrats’ Security Theater in the Nation’s Capitol

As far as exercises in political theater, the Communist Chinese would be proud of the Democrats.

But as the months have worn on since the January 6th Capitol building attack, it has become abundantly clear that the second wave of attacks expected at the Biden Inauguration wouldn’t come afterwards. There would be no imagined third attack. Or fourth attack. Or any attack.

Security theater. Mask theater. Everything in America has become political theater.

But in the nation’s Capitol, things are starting to become a little less theatrical. At least for now.

Despite the unverified reports of “chatter” from anomalous “extremists” acrosss a landscape that contains over 300 million citizens, the National Guard is reducing troop levels. The news was reported on Saturday by the Washington Examiner.

“The camouflaged citizen soldiers were conspicuously absent along large swaths of barbed wire-topped fences surrounding the Capitol on Friday,” the defense reporter Abraham Mahshie noted. “Absent an imminent threat, and with diminished congressional and public support, the National Guard’s numbers there have been cut in half.”

“We are currently in a state of transition with members of various states coming and going from the [Washington] area,” D.C. National Guard’s Maj. Aaron Thacker told the Examiner. “We are scheduled to be fully transitioned by March 23.”

The National Guard’s D.C. presence peaked at 26,000 during the Biden inauguration. All 50 states, including the District of Columbia, and three U.S. territories participated at the cost of $483 million. The report estimated the total cost is expected to grow to over $520 million, which is ‘twice the annual Capitol Police budget in just three months’ time.’

Meanwhile, acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy P. Blodgett declared in an email that there is no “credible threat” that “warrants” a fencing perimeter, the National Pulse reported.

“In an email to members and staff, Blodgett said that by Monday, Independence and Constitution avenues will be open for traffic. The inner layer of fencing will remain around the Capitol Square area while the Architect of the Capitol makes security repairs to the Capitol,” Roll Call said.

“There does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing,” Blodgett said.

In hindsight, it should be obvious to all that the Democrats’ exercise in security theater is a very costly one and it only prevented an imagined threat. The Democrats’ defense of such wasteful spending and abuse of military resources is a familiar one: Since nothing happened, you can’t disprove that it worked.

If that is the kind of thinking that will propel U.S. policy, however, American citizens can expect a never-ending series of theatrical displays that are put on for no other reason than it promotes the Democrats’ political agenda.


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