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The Biden Regime Issues ‘Threat Assessment’ for Domestic Terrorists Acting Out Against Trump Raid at Mar-A-Lago

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security have issued a new joint intelligence bulletin in the aftermath of the FBI’s raid at Mar-A-Lago on Monday and a reported attack at an FBI facility in Cincinatti, Ohio on Thursday.

    “Today, the FBI and DHS issued a Joint Intelligence Bullet warning of ‘the potential for domestic violent extremists to carry out attacks…in reaction to the FBI’s recent execution of a court-authorized search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida,’ per internal memo I obtained,” reported Ken Klippenstein of The Intercept.

    In the memo to “Colleagues,” the joint intelligence bulletin predicts an “increase in threats of violence, including armed encounters, against law enforcement, judiciary, and government personnel, in reaction to the FBI’s recent execution of a court-authorized search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida.”

    “Since the search, the FBI and DHS have observed an increase in violent threats posted on social media against federal officials and facilities,” the memo added.

    “Out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of our workforce and the security of federal facilities, we are encouraging you to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings and to exercise caution as you go about your daily routine,” the memo warns.

    The joint intelligence bulletin also references a June 7 National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin warning of “domestic extremists” who “have expressed grievances to the false perception that the U.S. government is not working to maintain security along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

    The joint intelligence bulletin admits that “[w]hile there is no current, specific, credible threats to any of our employees or locations, recent events such as the 11 August 2022 attempted entry of the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office, remind us that our important work could put us in situations that can be both difficult and dangerous.”

    The joint intelligence bulletin is referring to an incident on Thursday where a man reportedly carrying an AR-15 and wearing body armor reportedly fired a nail gun while attempting to breach an FBI Visitor Screening Facility. A 60-mile manhunt ensued to a field near the intersection of I-71 and Highway 73, where the suspect was fatally shot after failed negotiations. The suspect was later identified as Ricky Walter Shiffer.

    FBI Director Christopher Wray earlier this week blasted critics of its Trump raid as ‘dangerous’ and claimed that pushback was leading to an increase in death threats against agents.

    “I’m always concerned about threats to law enforcement,” Wray said on Wednesday. “Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with.”

    On Sunday morning, a man drove his car into a barricade near the U.S. Capitol and began firing gunshots into the air before fatally shooting himself. The police said he did not seem to be targeting any member of Congress, according to the Associated Press.

    The case is reminiscent of an April 2021 incident when Noah Green, a 25-year-old black nationalist, killed Capitol Police officer William Evans after he deliberately rammed his car into a barricade outside the Capitol.

    The FBI and DOJ’s joint intelligence bulletin comes at a time of increasing political tensions ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Many are concerned that an increasingly unpopular Biden administration is goading fringe extremists to react against its extreme actions in a desperate attempt to blame, if not frame, its legitimate political opposition.

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