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The First Texas Democrat Retreats: Goes Back to State Legislature to Negotiate on Voting Bill

It has begun. After dozens of Texas Democrats fled the state to avoid voting on election integrity bills and other critical state business, the first Democrat from the D.C. ‘superspreader’ trip is returning to do his job.

“A Texas state Democrat lawmaker who left the Lone Star State as part of an effort to prevent the passage of a Republican-backed voting measure said he’s returning to the state to engage in negotiations over the legislation,” the Epoch Times reported.

“Rep. Philip Cortez, who was one of about 60 state lawmakers who traveled to Washington from Texas this month, said he was asked by other Democrats to return to Texas to work on improving the measure,” the report continued. “Republicans have argued the bill is necessary to safeguard future elections and restore the public’s confidence in them, while Democrats say the measure would place unfair restrictions on minority groups when they cast their ballots.”

“I proudly stood with my Democratic colleagues and left Texas to ensure House Bill 3 would not be approved as introduced. A small working group of Democrats decided to begin active discussions here in Austin on improving HB 3 and asked that I return to establish open communication lines,” Cortez said in a statement. “I returned to Texas to try to engage in good-faith dialogue about the aspects of the bill that I, and others, think are harmful.”

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was confronted over reports that six vaccinated Texas Democrats tested positive for COVID and are believed to have given it to an unnamed White House official and a Pelosi staffer.

“We certainly understand that there will be breakthrough cases,” she said. “Even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not fool-proof.”

Apparently not. Jen Psaki also confirmed that additional undisclosed cases of COVID have been found among vaccinated White House staff, making the Texas Democrats’ trip a true ‘superspreader’ event.

Cortez makes the first Texas Democrat out of nearly sixty to have wised up and is set to return to do his job, rather than be arrested upon setting foot back in Texas. The quorum needed to vote on the election integrity bills is thus whittled down by one. It is the first crack in the wall of the Democrats’ attempt to block true ‘democracy.’


WATCH: Jen Psaki Confronted about Texas Dems’ ‘Super Spreader’ Event — Confirms More White House Officials Infected

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