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The Mask Debate is Over: NYT Retreats on School Masking as Dem Governors Scrap Mandates

    The Democratic Party is in full retreat on school masking. It’s a strategic retreat — those who touted the ‘infallible’ science would never admit how fallible they really were — but for all intents and purposes it’s ‘over.’

    New Jersey is done. Connecticut is done. Delaware is done. Oregon is done. The blue state dominoes are falling — leaving the usual suspects of pointless cruelty in California and New York to carry the torch.

    The New York Times on Monday attempted to gather up the scraps of the futile but disastrous school masking policy with the mealy mouthed excuse-making America has come to expect from its faux intelligentsia.

    The benefits of universal masking in schools remain unclear. Studies — in Florida and in England, for example — tend to find little effect on caseloads. One study that did find an effect has been largely debunked.

    Some experts still favor masks in schools, saying they likely have an effect, even if few studies have yet shown it. A lot of other evidence suggests masking matters. Until the Omicron wave ends and both hospitalizations and deaths fall much further, masks should stay on, these experts say.

    Other experts believe mandated school masking is almost worthless. “It doesn’t work,” Michael Osterholm, a University of Minnesota epidemiologist, told me. Among the reasons: Medical masks are designed for adults, not children, Osterholm notes. Even masks designed for children slip off their faces. Children take off their masks to eat. Add in Omicron’s intense contagiousness, and the benefits of mandates may be tiny.

    It’s also relevant that teachers and students who want to continue wearing masks can do so. One-way masking, with medical masks, provides protection, experts note.

    This is the typical, unscientific, appeal-to-authority tripe that readers can come to expect from the New York Times. Mask mandates do not work. Here is a chart of mask mandate vs. mask optional states:

    Image credit: @ianmsc/Twitter

    Note: Mask mandate schools had higher case rates than mask optional schools. This tracks with mask mandate states:

    Image credit: @ianmsc/Twitter

    The data don’t lie. The CDC does, however. It recently promoted a worthless “mask study” that purported to show the benefits of strapping a piece of cloth on your face all day to protect against microscopic viruses.

    Ian Miller rightly pointed out on his Substack column “Unmasked” that this is deliberate misinformation from the CDC. You can see clearly on the image itself “not statistically significant.” The study is just as worthless as the masks themselves.

    Furthermore, the Office for National Statistics in England have shown that children who “never” or “sometimes” wore masks in schools had a lower chance of testing positive for Covid than those who “always” wore them.

    It does not help the numerous Democratic politicians have been caught wantonly flaunting their own states’ mask mandates — even in the presence of masked children.

    The scale of medical fraud and cruelty boggles the mind. Governors in blue states and red states have knowingly robbed part of our kids’ childhoods to spread Covid panic to achieve a blatantly political agenda.

    It is criminal what these politicians have done. There needs to be a full investigation and political payback.


    The CDC Director Gets Brutal Reality Check: Mask Study on Schoolchildren is Exposed as Fake

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