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The Purge Is On: U.S. Army Announces ‘Immediate’ Discharge of Soldiers Who Refuse COVID Vaccine

    The U.S. Army on Wednesday announced plans to discharge unvaccinated soldiers who do not have an “approved or pending” COVID vaccine exemption request. The vaccine mandate applies to regular soldiers, active-duty reserves, and cadets.

    Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth — “shockingly” a Biden appointee — issued a directive instructing commanders to “initiate involuntary administrative separation proceedings against any Soldier who has refused the COVID-19 vaccination order and does not have an approved or pending exemption request.”

    While service members may be issued a General or an Honorable discharge for refusing the vaccine, they will not be eligible for “involuntary separation pay” and may be subjected “to recoupment of any unearned special or incentive pays.”

    “Recoupment of any unearned of incentive pays”? Based on what legitimate criteria?  Punishment? Spite? And for how far back? This is Democrat heavy-handedness at its best, folks. Blatantly so.

    Unvaccinated service members must now comply with COVID testing requirements or the dismissal process will begin. Those who refuse — and here’s my “favorite” part — will be “counseled” by military leaders about the benefits of the vaccine, according to the press release. “Counseled.” How so — forced to listen to recordings of Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden on an endless loop?

    Russian strongman Vladimir Putin masses troops on the Ukraine border and threatens an invasion. Chinese dictator Xi Jinping continues to harass the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea, as the ChiComs continue to step up their threat to “reunify” Taiwan with the mainland.

    Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley continue their focus on the “critically strategic” military issues of critical race theory, inclusive pronouns, and purging soldiers who refuse COVID vaccinations — including for religious purposes. 

    Listen, I’m no George Patton or any other brilliant military strategist, but I’m pretty sure I can identify which one of the above doesn’t go with the other two.

    So where does the U.S. Army now stand in numbers of unvaccinated service members?

    According to the latest deadline numbers in December, 98 percent of the Army’s active-duty force had been vaxxed — leaving just 3,864 active-duty force refusals. The involuntary discharges were first scheduled to begin in January for soldiers who continued to refuse without an approved or pending exemption. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby summed it up, this way:

    “We don’t want to see anybody administratively discharged for not taking the vaccine, because we want to see them take the vaccine, because it’s a valid military medical requirement. It makes them safer, it makes their unit safer, and it is a very real readiness issue.”

    It is? Consider the following headlines:

    New York Times, Dec. 21, 2021: Most of the World’s Vaccines Likely Won’t Prevent Infection From Omicron

    CNBC, Jan. 31, 2022: The Omidron Subvariant Is More Contagious, but Vaccinated People Are Less Likely to Spread It, Study Finds

    WUSF Media, Feb. 2, 2022: A Johns Hopkins Study Says ‘Ill-Founded’ Lockdown Did Little to Limit COVID Deaths

    Headlines like the above have abounded for months. Yet? from power-drunk Fauci’s never-ending COVID threats to hapless Joe Biden’s ridiculous threat of a “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated, the left’s continuing mischaracterization of all things COVID continues — with no end in sight. The U.S. military’s latest move is yet another perfect example.

    Then again, with Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, and Joe Biden running the show, what else could we have expected?


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