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The Saddest Sound in American Politics: Biden Receives Pathetic Smattering of Applause Touting ‘Infrastructure’ in New Hampshire

    President Biden may be a lot of things, but popular isn’t one of them. In terms of approval rating, Biden is now underneath the basement, along with Kamala Harris, who is spelunking towards the center of the earth.

    On Tuesday, the nominal president (to his credit) was out among the general public… sort of.  In New Hampshire, Revoltin’ Joe dropped in to pound his chest over a completely unnecessary and wasteful trillion-dollar “infrastructure” project, which will only exacerbate the inflation that is the non-imaginary issue haunting the Biden administration.

    As Biden walked up with apparently the five last voters in America willing to vouch for his presidency, in a scene evocative of the Suicide Squad, a smattering of applause can be heard. If it can even be called a smattering.

    Listen to the saddest sound that might have ever been heard in U.S. politics. No, seriously.

    That is truly sad. It has gotten so bad for Joe that the Associated Propagandists won’t even carry water for him anymore. Here is their recounting of Biden’s New Hampshire visit, which we are told is part of a ‘whirlwind tour’ to tout his pathetic legislative ‘victory.’

    “Fighting sagging poll ratings, President Joe Biden set out Tuesday on a national tour to persuade everyday Americans of the benefits of his big, just-signed infrastructure plan,” the AP notes. “First stop: New Hampshire, a state that gave him no love in last year’s presidential primaries.”

    “Biden left the state in February of 2020 before polls had even closed on his fifth-place primary finish,” the story continued. “But he returned as president, eager to talk up the billions in investments in upgrading America’s roads, bridges and transit systems that he signed into law Monday.”

    “Walking across a rusted, rural New Hampshire bridge that’s been tagged a priority for repairs since 2014, Biden framed the infrastructure law in direct and human terms,” the story added. “He said it would have a meaningful impact here, from efficient everyday transportation to keeping emergency routes open.”

    “This isn’t esoteric, this isn’t some gigantic bill — it is, but it’s about what happens to ordinary people,” he said. “Conversations around those kitchen tables that are both profound as they are ordinary: How do I cross the bridge in a snowstorm?”

    These may be persuasive talking points to the five people in the audience who seemed to have outnumbered by today’s speakers. But to the rest of America, this is just another D.C. boondoggle for a trifling matter that can be handled by the states.

    Sure, we could use more “infrastructure,” whatever the hell that is. But to Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, this is just another triflilng pie-in-the-sky blowout that adds to their children’s debt while doing almost nothing to solve kitchen table issues.

    It’s a sign of a desperate presidency that is being confronted with abject failure. It has gotten so bad that Biden doesn’t even have the temerity to ask Americans to ‘please clap.’


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