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The White House Considers Another Authoritarian Measure to Force All Private Businesses to Vaccinate Their Employees

    The White House is considering another coercive measure to force private businesses to adopt its preferred policy of the mass vaccination of employees. On Friday, the Washington Post reported that “is considering using federal regulatory powers and the threat of withholding federal funds from institutions to push more Americans to get vaccinated — a huge potential shift in the fight against the virus and a far more muscular approach to getting shots into arms, according to four people familiar with the deliberations.”

    “Muscular.” That’s quite the description from the Washington Post, which would have outright called the move ‘authoritarian’ or ever ‘fascist’ if it was a Trump policy the political left disagreed with. The sweeping expanse of the prospective White House measure would encompass a wide variety of private industries.

    “The effort could apply to institutions as varied as long-term-care facilities, cruise ships and universities, potentially impacting millions of Americans, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations,” WaPo reported.

    “The conversations are in the early phases and no firm decisions have been made, the people said,” the report added. “One outside lawyer in touch with the Biden administration on the issue is recommending that the president use federal powers sparingly.”

    The president’s consideration of the coercive measure follows upon a certainly unconstitutional rent moratorium decree it issued on Tuesday. Remarkably, the Washington Post’s Editorial Board conceded it was likely “illegal” in a Wednesday article.

    “But the CDC’s action was almost certainly illegal,” the WaPo board concludes. “Under pressure from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and progressive Democrats, President Biden and the CDC may have muted accusations that they failed to stick up for desperate renters. The administration also may succeed in giving many Americans a short reprieve from eviction. But perhaps not as long as advertised — because courts may strike it down before October — and at the expense of the rule of law.”

    The Biden administration is being sued over the rent moratorium. One wonders if it will also wind up being sued if it decides to use Americans’ own tax dollars as a stick to wack business owners who don’t do whatever the president wants.


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