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The White House Was Lit in Orange Today — Here is the Divisive Reason Why

    The White House was lit up in orange last night. It wasn’t because of Halloween.

    It wasn’t to commemorate the anniversary of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

    It wasn’t to celebrate the orange stripe in the LGBTQ Rainbow for ‘Pride Month’ (orange stands for healing).

    No, the Biden White House was lit up Orange for… gun violence awareness.

    The White House was illuminated in orange Friday night in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, the administration announced.

    The Biden White House’s north facade was lit orange from Friday at sunset until 1:30 a.m. ET Saturday. There are other government buildings that will be lit up orange over the weekend — including California’s Capitol dome and City Hall in New York City.

    Shortly before leaving for his Delaware home on Friday, President Biden gave a speech imploring the nation to pass more gun control laws.

    Since Biden’s speech was on “Gun Violence Awareness” day (the first Friday in June), let’s raise some awareness about guns.

      • There are at least 393 million firearms in the United States.
      • There are approximately 144 million Americans with a firearm in their household.
      • Between 72 million and 80 million Americans own a gun (known to the government).
      • While the Democrats are calling for an Assault Weapons Ban, ‘fact checkers’ have ruled exaggerated claims about its effect ‘false.’
      • There is no clear definition for an “Assault Weapon.” It is slang for a semi-automatic rifle that has a ‘military style.’
      • The FBI in 2020 reported there were four times more homicides with knives and cutting instruments than all rifles combined.
      • There have been thirteen deadly mass shootings at schools in the United States since 1966.
      • There is no consensus on what constitutes a mass shooting: Estimates range between 6 and 818 mass shootings for 2021. (Lower range estimates exclude gang violence, armed robbery and domestic violence. There must be 3-4 fatalities.)
      • The guns used to commit mass shootings constitute only .000007% of the guns owned in the United States.
      • 99.99999% of gun owners do not commit mass shootings. However, gun owners do stop mass shootings.
      • Only 16 percent of mass shootings are committed with so-called “assault weapons,” although they tend to be deadlier.
      • The worst mass shooters in world history are governments. Governments are responsible for over 100 million deaths; many of them murders committed with guns.

    Fortunately for Americans, the Founders implemented “government control.” It’s called the Second Amendment. The right to defense is not granted by governments; the right to bear arms is an extension of the Natural Right to self-defense.

    When a government seeks to deprive citizens of the right to self-defense, it is a clear warning that liberty is in peril.


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