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Top-Ranking House Democrat Reveals What Was *REALLY* Behind Jan. 6 Commission

    On Thursday, House Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin revealed what was the driving force behind Speaker Pelosi’s Jan. 6 commission in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

    “Well, they’ve elevated what they think is in their best political interests over what is clearly in the best interest of the country, which is to determine the truth of those events and the cause of those events,” Raskin said. “But they are too eager to protect Donald Trump and the evidence of his attempted political coup against the government and against the election and too eager to protect the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers in their insurrection against America.”

    “Then they’re too eager, I think, to protect the rioters themselves, who were seduced by Donald Trump’s invitation to come to Washington, from the truth because those people will defect very quickly once we simply proclaim the truth, which is that the big lie is a lie, that Donald Trump did not win the election,” he prattled on. “These are people who were brought to Washington under the premise that the election was being stolen and they were going to go and stop the steal. So it’s hard to blame them in a weird way.”

    Then, Jamie Raskin said the quiet part out loud: The commission isn’t about finding out the truth, it’s about making a former president an ‘outcast’ and attempting to prevent him from holding high office ever again. (This also happened to be the entire goal behind impeachment.)

    “We need to get the truth out to those people, and Donald Trump should be an absolute pariah in America, as well as everybody who has been enabling his anti-social and anti-democratic conduct,” he said on national television. But Raskin wasn’t done sinking the Democrats’ ship yet.

    “It certainly will happen again,” he said, completely ignoring the Democrats’ role in fueling riots at the Trump inauguration. “I mean, January 6 wasn’t the first outbreak of this. Remember, there was a plot to kidnap and assassinate Michigan Governor Whitmer and a siege of the Michigan State Capitol, which Donald Trump had been encouraging, and other high-level Republicans had been encouraging.”

    “There were the MAGA marches on Washington, which ended up in violence,” he lied. “So, you know, part of what we showed at the impeachment trial, which ended up with a 57-43 vote to convict, was that January 6 was the culmination of a series of events. If we don’t intervene to stop it now, this will become the norm. Political violence will be validated and normalized. That’s what Donald Trump wants. I mean, he’s someone who always likes to encourage chaos and violence wherever he goes, and then he wraps his political plans inside of it. I mean, remember, there was a coup that was built into all of the riots and the violence in the insurrection.”

    Raskin’s lies about the riots were breathtaking, but unfortunately for him, he won’t be able to repeat them at a phony “independent” commission, which was killed by the Senate on Friday, in no small part due to remarks like his own.

    The January 6th commission bill failed in a Friday vote, as only six Republicans voted for the bill and 11 senators skipped out on the vote altogether.

    The six GOP senators who backed the bill were: Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Rob Portman of Ohio, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Ben Sasse of Nebraska. These senators voted for Donald Trump’s conviction in the Senate impeachment trial, except for Rob Portman. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Richard Burr of North Carolina were the other senators who voted for Trump’s conviction.

    Nine Republicans and two Senate Democrats reportedly skipped the vote.


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