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Trudeau’s Order to Freeze Canadians’ Bank Accounts Under Emergencies Act Has Just Been Frozen

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s directive that the bank accounts of Canadian citizens who participated in or even financially supported the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest has itself been frozen.

“The federal government says the RCMP are working with financial institutions to ‘unfreeze’ bank accounts locked by emergency orders that targeted people who organized, participated in, or donated to the so-called Freedom Convoy blockades,” the Toronto Star reported.

The assistant deputy minister of finance told a House of Commons committee Tuesday the RCMP began “sharing information” with banks and financial institutions that should lead to affected accounts being “unfrozen,” the report added.

But Jacques added that some bank account holders may still be vulnerable to other court orders freezing their assets.

“The Department of Finance officials said the emergency order issued by the Trudeau government led to between 206 to 210 accounts being frozen, totalling some $7.8 million,” the report added.

Canada incorporated the Freedom Convoy as a federally recognized not-for-profit. Trudeau’s crackdown on charitable contributors by freezing bank accounts was a retroactive criminalization of legal activity, attorney Viva Frei recently pointed out.

“The Freedom 2022 Human Rights and Freedoms (i.e. the #FreedomConvoy2022 Truckers Convoy) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit,” Frei notes. “Meaning, federal government approved its status. To then go after any donors is nothing shy of the most insidious entrapment conceivable.” Viva Frei also rightly noted that such action violates Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Last week, Trudeau announced that he would be invoking the Emergencies Act, formerly known as the War Measures Act, an action tantamount to declaring martial law. The parliament ultimately approved the measure.

Trudeau claimed that the scope of the measures would be “time-limited”, “reasonable and proportionate,” but has subsequently asked for indefinite emergency authority. Under the Emergencies Act, banks can freeze the personal accounts of anyone linked with the Freedom Convoy protests.

“This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades,” Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at a press conference on Monday.

The emergency powers are so sweeping they can be invoked not only to freeze bank accounts, but to lock credit cards and cancel insurance policies. The banks and financial institutions can thus be used to unleash a China-style totalitarian ‘social credit’ system on a once-free nation.

Neil Parmenter, President & CEO of the Canadian Bankers Association, has revealed where this is all heading.

“Canada’s banks are perfectly situated to help lead the creation of a federated digital ID system between government and the private sector,” Parementer said. “The World Economic Forum agrees.”

Justin Trudeau is among a startling number of world leaders who hail from the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. WEF founder Klaus Schwab has openly bragged about how his group has “penetrated cabinets,” particularly in Canada.

Canada’s deputy prime minister Freeland currently sits on the World Economic Forum (WEF) board of trustees. Just to visualize the threat Schwab’s group poses to the world, here he is in a recent interview with a bust of notorious communist leader Vladimir Lenin in the background.

The world is about to find out exactly the scale of tyranny that these leaders have planned for their national populaces. Today, it may be freezing the bank accounts of political dissidents. Tomorrow, it may be locking them up as political prisoners. Everything is on the table for these would-be tyrants.

By extension, Joe Biden is declaring that the Covid “national emergency” should be extended ahead of an expected People’s Convoy heading towards Washington D.C. for his State of the Union address. Americans who witnessed the January 6 fallout may have a gut feeling what happens next.


Biden Declares ‘National Emergency’ Ahead of Freedom Convoy Heading Towards Washington D.C.

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