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Trump Lawyer Warns Gag Order Would ‘Set Ablaze’ Tempers Over Political Prosecution: “Can’t Be, Won’t Happen”

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina in an interview with Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday night is advocating that no “gag order” forbidding Donald Trump from speaking out about the trial is issued by the court.

“That has happened in the past,” Sean Hannity said. “Roger Stone, I think Manafort. I don’t fully remember. Know it happened in Stone’s case. Are you telling me there’s a possibility that would prevent a presidential candidate from using his free speech rights and defending himself?”

“Can’t be,” Tacopina said. “Won’t happen. I don’t believe anybody is even looking for that. That would really set ablaze the passions and the tempers that already have been inflamed by this case.”

“People view this as a political persecution,” he continued. “The numbers you showed in your introduction regarding his increase in popularity in the polls and the amount of money that has come in the last three days are because people are infuriated. They’re now understanding that weaponization of the justice system is a real thing.”

“Attempting to gag a United States citizen who is a defendant, not a lawyer, not a litigant but a defendant in the case, you know, especially that’s a First Amendment violation, obviously,” he added. “But it has to be balanced against a right to a fair trial.”

“Imagine putting a gag on Donald Trump when he’s the frontrunner for the Republican Party for the presidential office,” he went on. “Imagine during the campaign he’s told, you know, I can’t speak about the case. When people ask him questions, he has to say sorry, I have a gag order.”

“That would directly interfere with the election, as this prosecution has done,” he said. “That would further interfere with the election. There’s no scenario that that would happen. I’m sure of that. I don’t think it will be requested.”

However, recent polling shows that Donald Trump is receiving a massive boost in campaign financing to the tune of $5 million in 24 hours, as well as spikes in polls vs. undeclared rival Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as well as incumbent president Joe Biden.

There is concern among Trump’s legal team that the former president would be issued a gag order amid a media circus during campaign season that would prevent the presidential candidate from publicly defending himself.

“If a gag order is issued against Trump, that would mean a presidential candidate wouldn’t be allowed to defend himself from the media’s slander,” BlazeMedia host Glenn Beck argued. “That’s INSANITY.”

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