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‘There was Going to Be No Military Coup’: Trump Sec. of Defense Destroys Jan. 6 ‘Coup’ Narrative

It was one of the biggest mysteries of the Capitol Riots: How could former President Donald J. Trump have possibly be carrying out a “coup” on the capitol without the aid of the U.S. military and only with the help of a bunch of unarmed extremists?

Former Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller recently joined podcaster Tim Pool and addressed this very topic. Christopher C. Miller served as the Acting Secretary of Defense from Nov. 9, 2020 until Jan. 20, 2021. His remarks are well worth reporting.

“You brought up, if we would’ve sent soldiers up on Capitol Hill on January 6th, the morning of Jan…,” Miller said. “So let’s go back. I hate to do this. Let’s go back. I’m going to be pedantic and talk about our high school civics class. Capitol Hill, Legislative Branch. Military, Executive Branch. Capitol Hill — you don’t go up there if you’re the executive branch, the military, unless you’re invited to do something different, is called a military coup. So I was not gonna be party to that, obviously, because that’s un-American and a violation of my oath of office to the Constitution. So this narrative that we should have moved faster or had been up there beforehand, would’ve been… could you imagine what, what would’ve happened if we would’ve pushed, if I would’ve pushed National Guard troops up on Capitol Hill before the riots started?”

“Wow. It would’ve been a mess,” Ian Crossland replied.”I know the only person who got killed was Ashli Babbit by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd. That was the only shot fired. Do you think that was a justifiable shot given the situation?”

“Well, you know, the protective service detail, I don’t, it appears to me that when she came through the window that… she crashed in on the security bubble and they shot her,” Miller replied. “That was the moment when I realized we had been promised that the police in Washington, DC and on Capitol Hill could handle up to a million protestors that day. And you don’t use your military for domestic law enforcement. That’s [what] cops are for, you don’t use military, you don’t use soldiers to do domestic law enforcement.”

“Until civil society is broken down, like a natural disaster in New Orleans, everything’s gone to, you know what, that’s when you go in there,” Miller continued. “That’s when the military serves and does law enforcement duties. Until that happens, keep the military out. The military, we, you talked about Vietnam, military really violated tons of American civil liberties by spying on Americans. These are the things that are going through.”

“They’re still doing it,” Ian remarked. “My last follow up was going to be many people in the Trump administration decided to resign as a result of January 6th and the events following it, you chose not to. Can you tell me a little bit more about that decision?”

“Yeah, because I wanted to get more facts,” Miller said. “So, you know, I had been in combat a, a day or two, I’d been a leader in the military, commander in the military. And you don’t — you gotta be stable. You gotta be steady. Right? That’s what good leaders do. I saw a lot of those political figures that bailed that day, doing it for political reasons. I was like, we need to find out what happened. We’re still finding out what happened that day. So, you know, here’s the one that always bugs me when these big wigs talk about, well, you know, it would’ve been the reason I stayed is because I had to protect something. If it wasn’t for me, you know, I had to protect our soldiers. I’m not saying that, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying, that’s my job.”

“I got six weeks left, or whatever it was, four weeks left,” Miller added. “And, you know, what was that to, was it Thomas Paine? Sunshine soldiers? You know, it’s like, hey, you get paid for the good times and the bad, and you really get paid for the tough times. That’s what the American people pay you for. Right?”

“You never thought it was a coup or anything?” Ian asked.

“Dude, I was running the military,” Miller replied. “There was no coup.”

“There was going to be no military coup,” he added.

“I spent my life in service of this country, and I swore to protect and defend the Constitution,” he continued. “There’s no way that I was going to allow… back to your point about resigning. If it came down to that and the president was not about…. he wasn’t going there.”

“If it would’ve gone there, I would’ve resigned and gone right outside and gotten on TV and said, I resigned in protest because I was asked to do something anti-constitutional,” he went on. “Period. End of story by have a nice day. That’s what’s, if he asked for you to bring troops out on, if, if he no, if he want, if he was going to use them inappropriately or anti constitutionally.”

The Department of Justice has subpoenaed a number of Trump associates for the Special Counsel investigation into former President Donald Trump’s role in January 6. The former First Daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband and former Trump adviser Jared Kushner . Former Vice President Mike Pence and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows have also been subpoenaed.

The subpoeanas were issued among heightened public interest in the more than 14,000 hours of January 6 footage, which the new Republican-led House of Representatives has given access to Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson. Becker News recently reported on January 6 footage divulged at trial that shows undercover officers with Trump gear mingling among the protesters and Capitol Police officers encouraging protesters to go towards the capitol.


‘They Set Us Up!’ Bombshell J6 Footage Shows Officers Discussing ‘Non-Uniformed’ Agents, Protesters Pushed Towards Capitol

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